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  1. As written, these represent the basic military jump wings, but this metal type it is not an official badge! As they do not officially exist in metal, someone just had them made in a large quantity and soon they all got spread over the country as an easy replacement wing. Regards, Dirk These are the official (cloth) wings for the first degree for the parachutist
  2. Only once in the 25 years of collecting have I seen this maker of CCC and that was on a photograph.. Congratulations, a nice catch! Regards, Dirk J.
  3. Hi Stan, the first badge you show looks like the very common fake (with blob normally found on the wing (facing left removed, see also marks were it was and the rear), the cornered lower feathers and the slider) The second badge however does show all features of a ww2 badge although - as Pete stated - the space between the lugs seems a little short compared to other ww2 cap parachute regiment badges. This is not alarming as many other types of cap badges also used this distance between the lugs depending on the size of the badge. I would go for it if not too expensive. Regards, Dirk
  4. Here goes as promised; my little group (address blanked out on purpose).
  5. Sorry to say but this ACE medal is not an authentic first strike. This particular 'strike' is more often referred to being a modern copy of the ACE. Check out the info on the die used for originals - they differ. I would like to show my example but first I need to fix the membership type so I can post good images. Regards, Dirk
  6. Hi, thanks for the pictures! Strapper I think I understand the reason for your comment if stated for the CCC die. The CCC is massive and the rear of the CCC has another die (with the maker mark on it for example). I think that this shown positive front side CCC was the original die used to make the negative die which in turn was used as press mold for the actual clasps. Regards, DJ
  7. Well I will stay tuned and hope to see more of these, thanks for sharing! DJ
  8. Hi, interesting pieces, can you show anymore pictures (rear) of these? Thanks, DJ
  9. has not set their status

  10. Hi Prosper, Great thread! Very surprising the criminal minded go this far for the quick buck. Among other things I noticed different the green markings show the most obvious to me. They should be exactly the same as they are of the same press and as you commented the same stack of licences looking at the number. Clearly they are not but stil very convincing to untrained eyes. Thanks for your expertise! Dirk J.
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