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    I am focussing my collection on Third Reich items related to the 1940 Westfeldzug in Belgium. I have collected several photo albums, wehrpasses, many hundreds loose photos, and other material on that subject. I am also completing my first German combat mannequin with early equipment. Also researching the battle at the Gent-Terneuzen canal, which was fought in my birth area. A year ago I have also begun collecting family portrait photos, and this month I finally gave in to my interest of German soldiers' death cards related to Banden- / Partisanenkampf. That's about all ... for now.<br />

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  1. Hey Wilco, heb net een aantal Ndl 1940 foto's op ebay gezet, wat je wellicht zal interesseren. http://search.benl.ebay.be/_W0QQfgtpZ1QQfrppZ25QQsassZwerkmensch --- Groetjes Tim

  2. Very nice indeed Davey. Uncommon to see such a prewar album with wartime photos and even his awards included. Do you have any photos showing his Krimshield in wear?
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