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  1. Interesting. I was always lead to believe that it was the worlds top design. I think that the Israeli's have more post wwii tank battle experience than any other nation. I would like to see it up against a Challenger 2 or an M1 Abrams, though. I must admit, though, the Israeli's have always fought in defence of their homeland, so it would be interesting to see how they fayred in another theatre. Regards, John
  2. Fascinating posts guys. Did this plane ever see action?
  3. Hi Gordon. I'm with you on that one. Keep low and move fast. When you back? John
  4. Hi Rick. You could trawl through the previuosly sold items in Dix, Noonan and Webb, or Bonhams etc. Type in KPM and see what comes back. They were probably sold with the full size ones. John
  5. Excellent post. I see things weren't as cut and died as portrayed by many. I wonder what would have happened if the Confederates had won? Thank you. John
  6. Cheers chaps. I always thought that they were WWII. oh well.... Time to move them on methinks. John
  7. Fantastic pictures ! I really like the way they've made it 'operational' with all the fresh food stowed on the boat. It reminds me of the series 'Das Boot'. John :food-smiley-004:
  8. Hi all. I know very little about this subject, and having just read through your posts, I was wondering, if you have the rest of his documentation, is there any reason to doubt the originality or the photo? Furthermore, I have served in the past, and have seen lots of blokes throw together kit for a photo or an unexpected occasion, often making them 'incorrectly dressed'. I must admit, through human nature alone, I'm inclined to agree with Mr Strong. John
  9. Noce One. :food-smiley-004: Any idea of the history of the engraving? John
  10. Hi Rick. A 'Local' Captain means he is a Lieutenant. Ai just means he is 'acting' up a rank above him as there is no one else available. It would appear he has drifted in and out of the Service , as sort of Ex-pat volunteer. W/S Captain (QM) 2 February 1941 - I think this could be Water Supplies Captain. This chap seems to have been a Lieutenant for most of the latter end of his servic, but has 'acted' up when he was needed. He may not have served as an NCO etc prior to this. If he was one of the few 'White Men' in Colonial West Africa, he would have been a man of position in civilian
  11. Rick, I have a few ideas, but I will see if I can firm them up before I respond. John
  12. It does make me wonder if although the military phase of the Republican campaign is nearly over, will they ever hand over their weapons. I do not believe for one minute that they will be 'put beyond use'. It will also be interesting to see where this will leave the 'Real IRA' , with Republican Politicians in office. What will they do? John
  13. Now that you mention it, it is an acorn. The Acorn is on its side, with the stalk facing forward, and the 'cap' to the rear of the Cross. I'm afraid my camera isn't good enough for the job. What is the significance of the Acorn? And I take it the 24 means the model of Iron Cross? John
  14. Still, I wonder what this chaps role was? And Robin, I'm stunned at your dislike of the 'buzz word', Community..... My absolute favourite word is 'DIVERSITY' ! Hmmmm ....
  15. What a fantastic piece. What a find! I agree, there is nothing better than finding something you weren't expecting. John
  16. Hi Chaps, and thank you for your advice. Dave B. , I had a look at the 'eye' , and it appers to have a small rectangle stamped on it. It would be on the Left side of the eye, as you look at the Cross, face on. It very hard to make out what's in the middle of the rectangle. It looks like a J or an I, but don't quote me on that! John
  17. Thanks , Stogieman. They're really nice badges. I see the Germans still went for good design and quality even then. I must admit, apart from the htree wound badges, I've never collected anything to Imperial Germany..... might start now, though!
  18. Cripes ! Sounds like a Malayan P.C.S.O. ! Is this a 'Homebeat' office or a Internal Investigations thing? John
  19. It s a terrible shame that so many items are faked these days. I always thought that it was mainly Third Reich stuff that was faked. Incidently, how much do these badges go for ? John
  20. Nice update folks. Scott, what unit was your Grandfather in? It would be nice to know his history. It does annoy me in UK that not enough is done to remember the sacrefices made for the freedom that we live in today. I'm glad that your Vets are generally looked after across the water. :food-smiley-004:
  21. I've never seen that before. Could it be Detective Police Constable Reservist? Mr Chairman may know.... John
  22. Interesting. I wonder which part of the split thinks it achieved its goal in the end. How 's Newtonards by the way?
  23. Really nice post Rick. Not much modern interest in this field, which is a shame. Nice pictures too. Its a shame they didn't fare so well in WWII....
  24. I went to the National Police Memorial on the day it opened , after the Ceremony had finished. They've done a really good job, but I wish it was a bit lifgter at night. A blue light on the glass tower would have been nice. It is also to be guarded 24 hours a day by the job. At the mo , this is PCSOs. Regards John
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