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  1. That's what I was thinking. I have a really decent DD early lid from the invasion of Poland. Its rusty with faint decals but they are there.

    I like this, so will oil it up and lightly clean it. Hopefully this will reveal any stamps that are left.

    I enjoyed relics after becoming bored with other helmets that I had. I started collecting them a few years ago when they weren't that popular.

    Once I've sorted it out, I will post a pic. A friend of mine has dealt in a lot of helmets so I will run it by him next week. I'll let you know!

  2. Yes it does have the dust cover.I have been told the same thing about the sight i would think it would be for trying to shoot low flying planes or to line up with a target.

    Thanks for the replys

    Keenan Wise

    Nice Rifle! Have you fired it yet?

    With regards to the AA role of the sights, you have to bear in mind that the Japanese Army put great store in its infantryman, and almost the entire army consisted of infantry. They travelled light, and 'man packed' just about everything. Most of their artillery could be broken down, and they had very few tanks, and of these, they were essentially Light tanks, and primarily used only in the infantry support role. They were also were nearly always part of a large army or group. Imagine several hundred Arisaka's, firing together, at aircraft, and you now have a large amount of lead in the air. It only takes one lucky hit! The British Army still teaches to fire thirty(!) aircraft lengths ahead of a jet, before becoming to fire , en masse.....

    Ps Might I ask how much you payed? :cheers:

  3. I'd love to go and see some of these sights. I am only 13 so i cant go to ones accross the channel. The only ones i have managed to see are the ones in the Normandy area near OMAHA, SWORD, etc. There are a few sights in the UK like the Needles on the isle of Wight which was also a Rocket testing facility. I am in the Surrey area quite a lot so there are quite a few small concrete gun posts left over, unfortunately many have been used for Drug taking or drinking so aren't safe to go into. Maybe when im older eh... :banger::cheers:

    Count me in, too!!!

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