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    SA, Political, Luftwaffe, I must say, all of it really when it comes to Third Reich. I also love Motorcycles. I own a 1963 Triumph Thunderbird and a 1981 BMW.

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  1. Now That my Friend is True "Horsepower" Butch
  2. Naoki, I love the I.A.B. on the Bottom, Left. Thanks for showing, Butch
  3. Wow Bob, What Beautiful Uniforms! I'm a Luftwaffe Fan, but I LOVE that Navy Visor! Keep it going, Butch
  4. Oh yes..Vintage German Wedding pictures. Another fine installment of..."Hitler's Heffers". Stormtrooper
  5. I Love that Baltic Cross! Gotta have one of those! Stormtrooper
  6. Bryan, I feel compelled to add another comment , and that is..All I see is Quality. You sure know what to buy! All the Best, Butch
  7. has not set their status

  8. To Bad that you couldn't have just shot him and took the swords. I guess that's why I'm not running the world huh? Glad you're home safe, Butch
  9. Yes, They all belong to one man...........the Collector! All the Best! Butch
  10. Wow!! What a Beautiful Badge! I'd Love to own one of these.You are indeed a lucky Man, I'd almost trade my Junkers Pilot Badge for one of these! All the best and Happy Hunting, Butch
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