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  1. kelly (O'kelly) is a common irish surname, can you post up a pic of the sword and the engraving.
  2. Will look at diary later and post details, he is listed in this book, most likely a member of the Belfast National Volunteers and maybe Pte J.Connolly 2574 is a relative? http://www.ancestryireland.com/fileadmin/uhf_pdfs/ConnaughtRangers.pdf
  3. if you post his details I wil look up the diary for you. Regards, Renmore
  4. Hi Kev, unfortunately no mention of your man ,there were a few McKenna's mentioned in casualty lists in the diary up to June 1916,after that other ranks were not really mentioned. Regards, Renmore
  5. Hi Kev, very nice trio to a member of the 6th Connaughts who were with the 16th Irish Division, I will have a look at the 6th Connaughts war diary to see if he is mentioned but it would be a long shot.
  6. I am hoping some kind fellow members will help me out on this helmet, its outside my collecting area and I need help, the story attached to it is that it was brought back in 45 by a British Army officer who lived near me, he passed away 30 years ago and the current owner received the helmet from the Major 40 years ago when he was 10.So, the provenance seems good but I need an expert opinion for the current owner, any help would be gratefully received.The markings are ET66 and 3648 near the rear, there is also a painted inscription, Viehl (I presume a surname) and then Pz.S.Stabskp. Best regar
  7. Thanks timo, you did indeed see it on boards.I have to say your trio to McIntosh is a cracker,a great find, well done.
  8. This is just a single BWM but it belonged to a man who had experienced two momentous events in Irish History, The Great War and the Easter Rising of 1916, and he also had the misfortune to be wounded in both.I had the good fortune to find Pte. Byrnes service record on Ancestry and gather the following information. Pte Michael Byrne was a 28 year old postman from The Demense,Lucan,Co. Dublin who enlisted into the 10 Batt RDF on the 21/1/1916 stating his Mother Annie of the same address as his NOK.He stood 5ft 6ins with a 38in chest. The 10th Batt. were a newly formed service Batt
  9. You're right PK, they most likely went to the smelter,some people were quite poor in the 70's and the money was tempting, but you never know they might turn up, I live in hope.Glad to see you gave the brothers Hunt a piece of your mind,they deserved it.I have a few more bits to the Dubs and other Irish regiments, which I will post in the next few days. Renmore.
  10. 14 star and VM to Pte.Michael Hannon 8864 RDF KIA 3/5/1915. VM to Pte.William Hannon RDF 24626 sentenced to death 9/11/1916. Unfortunately both brothers BWM,s are missing. Ireland in 1914 was a nation divided, the majority of its people wanted an Irish parliament. The third Home Rule Bill was soon to be read before the House of Commons. Ulster Unionists were steadfast in their opposition to Irish Home Rule, and civil war threatened the nation of Ireland. This crisis however was “ overshadowed by greater one caused by an assassin’s bullets at Sarajevo”(1). Germany had breached Belgium’s neutr
  11. renmore

    Old Kepi

    Many thanks to you both for the help. Regards, Renmore
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