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  1. It'll soon start to snow... :( Time to crawl under a warm blanket with the TV remote and a good bottle of cognac... :cheers:

  2. Once again global warming let's me down... :( It's snowing... :mad:

  3. Still above zero and no snow yet!  If only it could last until spring!

  4. Winter has once again covered us in a blanket of white crap...  The cold won't let up for months...  Anybody wanting to adopt a used airman to sweep around the base of his palm trees can contact me via PM.

  5. -14... Icy... Hungover... Guests due in any minute... Crap...

  6. -14... Icy... Hungover... Guests due in any minute... Crap...

    1. Claudius


      Quick...put the game on, have a tray of glasses and bottles of booze out with a sign out that says "Help yourself, will be down in a minute" then lay back down for a half hour. It almost worked for me, but I ran out of olives -d@mn martini lovers...

  7. 2 August... Back to work I go...

  8. 2 sunny days in a row... Wow, we're spoiled...

    1. IrishGunner


      Nah, not spoiled. Just water logged.

  9. A blizzard! We're in a frickin blizzard!! ARRRRGGGHHH!!

  10. A priest, a rabbi and an imam walk into a bar. Bartender looks up at them and says "What is this? Some kind of joke?"

  11. Actively planning a second career post-RCAF

    1. Mervyn Mitton

      Mervyn Mitton

      Hi - Frank - what are you thinking of ? Will
      it be something you are trained for ? Mervyn

  12. Arrrgh! I jinxed it! The white crap's been coming down for 12 straight hours!

    1. IrishGunner


      Told you it was coming. :)

  13. Aw crap... Winter's here again... Bah humbug to the cold and ice!

  14. Dec 16th and still no snow... Weird! But I looove it!

  15. Finally stopped snowing... Keeping fingers crossed...

  16. Global warming is taking too long! Still freakin' cold!

    1. TacHel


      March 23rd... Still cold... Snowed all bloody day yesterday! AARRRGGG!

  17. Got up this morning, looked out the window and saw it was still winter... So I went back to bed.

  18. Hello Roman!
    I have a Russian word I cannot translate. I know is it a type of warship, that is all. What is the English word for конлодка (konlodka)??

  19. It FINALLY stopped snowing!!

    1. IrishGunner


      Are you sure? Are you really sure?

  20. It FINALLY stopped snowing...

  21. It FINALLY stopped snowing...

    1. IrishGunner


      How's that snow falling today?

  22. It's -30C and holding... Arrggggh!

    1. IrishGunner


      I guess the swimming pool is frozen...

    2. Pagan


      Its +30 and unbearable

    3. Claudius


      Now that will turn by beer to slush before I can drink it.

  23. It's cold and there's snow everywhere... Winter sux!

    1. IrishGunner


      Creek had a film of ice this morning too... Winter is here.

    2. IrishGunner


      Getting our first snow this evening

  24. It's still &%$% snowing!!! FFS!

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