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  1. Good evening gents! This arrived today, and while I was checking the makers mark, I couldn't find a maker '2' for 1914 EK1s, only 1939. Does this mean this one is a dud? Thanks as always in advance!
  2. Good afternoon gents! Did any MVK2's come with a makers mark on one of the arms of the cross? I'm not sure if this makes it genuine or suspicious? Thanks as always!
  3. Hello again gents! Does anyone have any opinions on this buckle please? I apologise for the photos, they are the only two available for me. Thanks in advance as always!
  4. Hello again gents! Could someone please let me know what the last medal on this bar is please? The third medal is a Prussian 15 year service medal I think? However, I have not been able to identify the fourth medal on the bar. Danke!
  5. Guten morgan mein herr! I recently had this four piece medal bar arrive, is the last medal a Prussian 9 year service medal? If so, why would there be a Mecklenburg MVK II on the bar? Can anyone help me bitte! Danke!
  6. Once again I find myself out of my depth gents! Here is another French piece that just arrived, and I have no idea what it is. I did a cursory internet search and came up short. As always, merci!
  7. Good morning gents! This arrived yesterday, I've tried to find out more about it, is it a 1934 version of the cross of voluntary military services? The ribbon is for a gold version I believe, but the only listing I can find on Medal Medaille shows a version with a different shaped front and rear centre piece. As I know next to nothing about French awards I throw myself on your mercy! Merci!
  8. Hi Jock and Eric Thanks for the replies, Jock, I will look inside the sack this weekend and see if it's marked on both sides. Eric, what do you mean about wartime copies? Were these illegally made during the war for criminal purposes? How would you know if it was a copy or not?
  9. Thanks Bernhard! I'll just take this opportunity to post a completely off-topic photo of life in the southern hemisphere in February, yesterday actually, at Warriewood beach, Warriewood, New South Wales, Australia. The yellow stuff is sand, the green/blue stuff in the background is warm water, and the big yellow ball in the blue sky is called "the sun". Check it out and weep northern hemisphere suckers! (in the nicest possible way of course) Thanks again Bernhard!
  10. Good evening gents! This just arrived, and I'm wondering if anyone here can tell me is it a mail sack or some other kind of sack? Can anyone tell me what the letters mean or stand for? I was guessing the letter H was for Heer? With these sacks, and I've seen others with different years on them, is there a front and a rear? Thanks again!
  11. Hi Odulf Thanks for that reply, it was interesting. Do you know why the Kronprinz Wilhelm and crew were interned, but the U-Deutschland was allowed to visit and leave twice during WWI before the US declared war on Germany? I have quite a few postcards featuring the Deutschland and her US visits.
  12. Good evening again gents! Does anyone have any knowledge or views on this one please? There is only a photo of the front but apparently the back has the following text: IN EISERNER ZEIT DEN HELDEN DER DEUTSCHEN MARINE GWEIHT VOM DEUTSCHTUM D.VEREIN. STAATEN V. AMERIKA
  13. Good day gents, can anyone offer me any thoughts on this item please? Interior label of Hans Romer, Neu-Ulm. These are the only photos available I'm afraid. Thanks in advance!
  14. Good day gents, does anyone have any idea what this badge is please? As always, thanks in advance!
  15. Hello again gents, this is another offering from the woman who is peddling the Polish EK2 on a New Zealand site. Is it possible at all that this is real, or is it another of her fake/fantasy offerings?
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