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  1. Thanks for that link to the museum, I'm sending an email to Marta Kukowska, the head of the centre now, to ask her for her thoughts. Thanks for the tip about the actual EK2 probably also being fake. I'll keep you posted! Unfortunately, the top bid is now at $91NZ. I contacted one of the bidders and told him it was dodgy, but I haven't been able to contact the others.
  2. Does anyone know if there are any documented appearances of these medals before the 90s? To me that would show that they are modern fakes. Surely something as significant as this would have appeared and been documented sometime in the fifty years after the end of the war?
  3. Hi Rick, this is what the un-referenced wiki article says about it: The Cross of the Warsaw Uprising (Polish: Krzyż Powstania Warszawskiego) is an informal award used by the Polish soldiers during the Polish-German fights for the city of Warsaw in 1944 (the Warsaw Uprising). It was made from captured German Iron Crosses, with a pre-war 1 złoty coin pinned to it in the centre over the swastika, with the coat of arms of Poland featuring kotwica and inscription 1944. I wondered where they would get these captured EK2s from, and apparently it is answered in this thread on AHF, although I s
  4. Good morning gents, I just saw this on a New Zealand site, I've never heard anything about them. Wiki has an entry on it, but no references. It is listed by a seller who peddles some really shonky items, but I did find an entry on AHF about it from 2010, but that's it. Are these for real? Thanks!
  5. Hello again gents! How does this insignia look to the experten here? If it's ok, can anyone tell me what this indicates or who would wear it please?
  6. Good afternoon gents! Does anyone have any views on this insignia please? If it looks good, what sort of rating is this for please?
  7. Here is my FERD WAGNER, PFORZHEIM IM 7. It also has the number 57 stamped on the rear, not sure what this indicates, and I've never seen this on a '34 Arbeit tinnie before.
  8. Thanks very much Dave! And yes, there is a faded orange stripe in the centre of the button hole ribbon bow.
  9. Good morning gents! Could someone help me to identify three ribbons please? The three piece button hole ribbons, I know the EK2 and the FEK, but I don't know what the middle ribbon is for. The first four piece feldspange, I know the EK2, the FEK and the Westwall, but I don't know what ribbon number two is for. The second four piece feldspange, I know the EK2, the FEK, I think the fourth one is the Austrian veterans ribbon? I don't know what the second ribbon is for. Thanks in advance gents!
  10. Thanks Larry! It's a bit over twice what I was planning to pay but I do like the RZM markings. I'll post better photos when I receive it mate.
  11. Hello again gents! I've been looking for a mess tin, but I've never seen one with an RZM marking before. I just did a quick net search, and found two examples on other sites, are these rare-ish? Price is pretty high, I'm guessing you pay a premium for such a marked example? I wasn't planning on paying this much, maybe half tops, but I wasn't planning on finding an RZM marked example either. 85 euros.
  12. Thanks Rogi, Chris and utopis, you all confirmed what I thought, and I appreciate the guidance. I'll have milk and two sugars in my cold cup thanks Chris
  13. Good day again gents! I've seen a lot of these around, don't know anything really about them, does anyone have any views on these in general, and this one in particular? This is the only photo I have to offer I'm afraid. Thanks again!
  14. Good one Chris! Not sure my friend will feel like the party and DJ after the bad news though. I've sent him a link to this thread and encouraged him to join up and start learning!
  15. Hi Don Thanks again, I appreciate your rapid and learned views! I'll pass on the info to my mate and try and console him! I'll attempt to get him involved here for his benefit.
  16. Hello gents! These are not my field of very-limited expertise A friend sent me these photos, I'm very sorry about the quality, and asked me what I thought. Does anyone here have any views regarding these badges at all? Thanks in advance!
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