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  1. Blohm & Voss Ha 140. This aircraft lost out to the Heinkel He 115 for service.
  2. Hi hucks216, me too! I know it's not a great shot of the aircraft, but you almost never see them on postcards, so I had to have it! That plane is the one that really got me interested in German aircraft, and from then the German war machine in the first place as a youngster. It was such a weird-arse looking plane, and from that day on I was hooked
  3. Good afternoon gents! This just arrived today, the above title is the one used on the Weitze site for their example, I'm wondering since the Kingdom of Hannover didn't exist in 1913, and it says Lüneberg on the front and rear, how exactly would I classify my medal, from which State would this have been issued? I'm glad my example didn't cost anywhere near the asking price of 60 euros at Weitze, and mine seems to be in better condition (?) and comes with ribbon. Since there is no ribbon on the Weitze example, is the ribbon on mine correct for this medal? Thanks in advance as always!
  4. Glad you like them Chip! Next up is Der Hauptmann von Köpenick, if you get the chance, check out the movie.
  5. Unfortunately for the conspiracy theorists, I was born in '59 and Aquanaut Troy debuted on British and Australian tv in 1964
  6. Blohm & Voß BV 141 für Sonderzwecke mit BMW Doppelsternmotor BMW 801
  7. Davy Crocket, Indian Fighter #631 - May 1955 (Dell)
  8. I have thousands of comics, am actually going through a major cull at the moment, getting rid of almost all of them, finally seeing the sense in digital downloads for all my modern comics. I resisted for a long time, but as most new comics will be of no real value, I can read them on a tablet and store huge numbers on external hard drives. It's also cheaper to buy the digital version, and I can still buy almost all the back issues that way as well. Not to mention the ginormous amount of space the comic boxes take up, the Better Half will be happy about that! The only ones I'm keeping are ones
  9. Hi Jens! Thanks for that mate, and thanks for that link, it was interesting, I wouldn't mind looking for some of those ribbon cards. Would you be able to tell me how a soldier would be able to get a KVKII from both Braunschweig and Lippe-Detmold please?
  10. Thanks Jock, a mate of mine asked me what I thought, and I naturally deferred to the experten
  11. Good morning again gents! I just received this ribbon bar, and I'm wondering if someone can help me identify the third ribbon please? I know the first is for the EK2, I believe the second is for the Braunschweig KVKII, I'm not sure what the third is for. Thanks in advance!
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