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  1. Yes, sorry about that Vince, however I do thank you for your input mate, much appreciated! I was just confused/concerned because of its non-goldish colour as opposed to the one on Medal-Medaille site.
  2. Good evening gents, does anyone have any views on this piece please? These are the only photos available from the auction. I had a look at this medal on Medal-Medaille and it appears to be a brassy gold colour, could this particular one be a fake or just had all the gold/brass colour faded? Thanks again gents!
  3. Hi Don and co I found this on another site, and being mindful of what you said about tombak, and in view of the pin, which looks like tinnie and other badge pins, do you also think this is an interwar period item?
  4. Thank you Don! Would these have been private purchases for WWI veterans who had lost their originals? Or did the Reichswehr issue these to WWI veterans during the Weimar period? May I ask you how you can tell it is an inter-war piece? Hope you don't mind me picking your brains
  5. Good evening gents! This just came in, any thoughts please? Gold, with most of the gold wash worn off? Silver? Fake? Thanks!
  6. My Kyffhäuser Ehrenzeichen 1. Klasse 2. Modell 1934-1935 [501]
  7. My Kyffhäuser-Ehrenzeichen 2.Klasse 3.Modell 1938-1943 [N505]
  8. My Kyffhäuser-Ehrenzeichen 2.Klasse 1.Modell 1934-1935 [N502]
  9. Thank you very much Uwe and Auseklis, and I certainly didn't pay 75 euros for my Eisenbahn Töchterhort Ehrenzeichen 2. Klasse, 1914. I think it was about 15 euros, without ribbon. The large Plackette (?) version looks very impressive though.
  10. Hi Chris, I've seen a few besides mine. The script on the rear reads Grosses erleben macht ehrfürchtig und im Herzen fest, which I think means great experience makes awesomeness (?) and firmly within the heart? Dated 1916, but has 1914 on the front, maybe a speech he gave to Railway troops or workers? It's a nice looking piece, IMHO
  11. Ok, thanks Chris, that's what I thought with the laurel wreath.
  12. Good evening again gents! Would anyone be able to tell me what category this item falls in please? Or what it's proper title is please? I'm also wondering what sort of ribbon would have gone with it, standard black/white/red? 22 grams and 33mm in size. Thanks in advance!
  13. Good evening gents! I have this piece, and am wondering if anyone can throw some light on it for me please? It is very heavy, 39 grams, and quite large, 45mm. Could it be a bronze sporting medal? Thanks in advance!
  14. A belated thanks one and all for your advice! Since my original post, I have purchased Jörg Nimmergut's Abzeichen und Aszeichnungen Deutscher Kriegervereine 1800-1943, and it's great! However, there is no listing for the FUSS ART. 110 Regimentsspangen in the 50 that he has in his book. Would this be a case of he just hasn't or can't list every single Regimentsspangen? Also, most of these examples shown in his book have the blue/black/red/black/blue ribbon, like mine, but one has a blue/yellow/red/yellow/blue ribbon, is there any reason for this? The Marine version has an EK ribbon, by the look
  15. Been looking for one of these for ages, and finally cracked it! Tinnie and entry card for the same event - Darmstadt 1927 Turnerfest
  16. Good on you Nick, now I can really get cracking mate
  17. Bayern Vet. u Kriegerverein GUTTENBURG (M. Auer Fahnenstickerei, Brunnstrasse 8&9 München)
  18. Bayern Krieger- und Soldatenkameradschaft SEIBERSDORF AM INN (C Poellath, Schrobenhausen)
  19. Bayern Jubiläumsabzeichen Für Treue 25 Mitgliedshaft [N1417]
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