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  1. Bayern Jubiläumsabzeichen Für Treue 25 Im Verein (Carl Poellath, Schrobenhausen) [N1403]
  2. Bayerischer Veteranen-Krieger-u. Kampfgenossenbund 1874 Veteranen u. Soldaten-Verein OTTACKER u. RIED [N74]
  3. Bayerischer Krigerbund 1874 Veteranen und Krieger-Verein AHORNIS (D. Sxxerm, Nürnberg) [N44]. I'm hoping someone can help me with the correct spelling of the maker, I can't make out the second and third letters, hence the xx - thanks in advance for any assistance here gents!
  4. Bayerischer Kriegerbund 1874 Vet.& Krieg. Ver. AICHACH (Deschler & Sohn, München-9) [N48]
  5. Bayerischer Kriegerbund 1874 Dem Verdienst (Deschler & Sohn, München 9) [N58]
  6. Bayerischer Kreigerbund 1874 Veteranen u. Militär-Verein THEILENHOFEN u. HILTERN [N46] - I'm using the catalog numbers from Jörg Nimmergut's EXCELLENT Abzeichen und Auszeichnungen Deutscher Kriegervereine 1800-1943. If you like veterans badges, I can not recommend this book too highly
  7. My Frontkämpfer O.9 (Orden-Herstellergemeinschaft Pforzheim) court mounted
  8. Very nice mate. I still don't have one of these after all these years, I'm definitely turning up the search process for one, and hopefully the envelope for the urkunde.
  9. Here is my 1914 EK2/Frontkämpfer/Treudienst-Ehrenzeichen für 25 Jahre Nadel
  10. Lambert, nice collection of Urkundes you have, and Gar, I am WAY envious of your urkunde envelope! I have never seen one of those before - the search begins...
  11. I guess a lot of collectors didn't value the old Hindenburg Cross urkundes as worthy of not being hole punched, but you're right, I don't think anyone would do that any more. I used to have over 200 crosses and over 40 urkundes, but I, on reflection, rather foolishly sold all the hole punched examples, I had grand ambitions of replacing all of them with undamaged examples. I should not have done so
  12. Hi Gar These are from former collectors hole punching them so they can be stored in a binder.
  13. My cased RV. Pforzheim 21 (Reichsverband Arbeitsgemeinschaft Heinrich Vogt - Pforzheim)
  14. Witwen Urkunde - 1.11.39 - Frau Betti Horvath - Steinkellner, Linz-Donau
  15. Kreigsteilnehmer Urkunde - 27.11.34 - Verwalter Georg Claus, Bremerhaven
  16. Kreigsteilnehmer Urkunde - 26.10.35 - Landjägermeister i.R Ernst Reinhard, Beesenlaublingen
  17. Frontkämpfer Urkunde - 26.4.35 - Geschäftsführer Max Taubert, Glachau
  18. Alas Larry, I have nothing displayed as yet, all of my items are still in plastic bags etc. Am moving to my new home early next year, then will finally be able to start work on The Bunker, where my collections will stay until I drop
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