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  1. I almost fogot! What a coincidence. I just acquired an 8th Class Sacred Crown on eBay. That tells you that some good things are still out there if you take the time to search for them.
  2. Good Morning Nick. As usual a very excellent article on the "Sacred Crown', However, I am here to defend my old friend Jim Peterson. The term 'revered' is at times a synonym for sacred according to the " Roget's II, The New Thesaurus".However the reason for his selection may be found in the translation of the Sacred Treasure. If you look at the characters on the case of the Sacred Crown, You will find that they are the same characters used for the Sacred Treasure. Best Regards, Dick www.thegoldenkite.com
  3. Good evening gentlemen and best wishes to all. I do not believe that the breast star was wrongly plated. There is a grouping of eight major stars on the circumference of the medal. Each of the groups consist of six fluted rays of which the diagonal sets of rays are gilded and the others are silver. (Reference Peterson page 147 paragraph 6. This can also be seen on close inspection of the furnished photos
  4. I would be very careful about this one! http://www.ebay.com/itm/China-Order-of-the-Golden-Grain-Grand-Cross-star-excellent-/350877778759?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51b1f20347#ht_257wt_1211 Richardhttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_09_2013/post-3065-0-41110100-1379606230.jpghttp://gmic.co.uk/uploads/monthly_09_2013/post-3065-0-36422800-1379606333.jpg
  5. Interesting Wen Hu on ebay, It shows character and severe enamel damage. http://www.ebay.com/itm/331020413657?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1431.l2648#ht_102wt_1247
  6. I guess when sales slow down you need to be innovated.
  7. This is quite true. To add to the myriad defects, it has no hallmarks, no bureau marks, or maker's marks. It is not all there (it is missing a couple of screws). The condition of this item is probably 'Fair' at the best. And to top it off the seller makes the following statement "; this medal was offered at a recent UK coin/medal auction for $15K."
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Chinese-Order-of-the-Striped-Tiger-Medal-/290944237495?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item43bda0bfb7#ht_326wt_1247 Thank you Paul. I thought that I had nabbed the image but guess not. Richard
  9. Good Morning Genlemen: I suspect we will have a few comments concerning this item. Richard
  10. I think we need to be doubly careful as more and more 'reputable' dealers are listing these items. Just because an item is offered by a major house of good repute it does not necessarily make it authentic. But, because they are 'reputable' they more than likely will refund your purchase.
  11. Beautiful Medal! Could we please see a photo of the reverse of the Breast Badge?<br />Thank You,<br /><br />Richard
  12. Now. Finally, the question I am asking is, in the Mohler Collection, this was previously identified as a XinJiang Province Commemorative medal. What we have here appears to me to be two different classes of the same medal. Sorry my photos are not as good as they should be. One has the shield the white tiger is on, in yellow, and the next one is in red enamel. I think we may have to do a little more reseach on this series (or maybe (and this would not be unusual)) or else I am slowly losing my memory. Anyone have any ideas? Richard
  13. This is the second variation from the Mohler collection
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