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  1. Do any of you guys know what this might be from? Found today on Australian goldfields, have found there coins from 1817 and some belt buckles. Has a large "B" on the back and a smaller old font "12" next to one of the pairs of holes and a small "v" near the middle. Any help appreciated. C Reverse, roughly 8.5cm
  2. I'll make you a new photo when I get back home, couple of days. Searched my laptop, don't know where these photo's went, I had about 5 pics but they're gone. C
  3. I have 3 medals, might have more in my other boxes, can't remember bought them years ago for about five UK pounds each. Republic Medal 1963-1973 Defence Service Medal 1967-1970 Armed Forces Distinguished Service Medal C
  4. Here is an odd little trio I picked up about 3 years ago, the quality of the work is very at odds with their British made counter-parts, but I still really enjoy having them, only $5 to boot. C
  5. A German dealers update, I just managed to be first in.
  6. Thought I would share this chain.
  7. Thanks Owain, I had a quick flick on the net and see you are spot on, but appears the ribbon is wrong in the group example. Thanks for the help... much appreciated. C
  8. Can anyone help me with this group... not an area I know much about, what is the Asia type medal with the 2 shells? Any help appreciated. C
  9. Here is the topic that gave Garry the hump, hardly an excuse for allowing Thomas/Railhouse (he did actually post on this thread above I notice) to be doing this. C http://gmic.co.uk/index.php/topic/30408-hj-badge/?hl=foreigner#entry311831
  10. This badge and membership card that I presented here some time back were part of a large grouping to 2 brothers that were both in the HJ. After posting this here I was contacted by a member of this forum by the name of Railhouse or something close to that, who wished that should I ever wish to sell these items he should be contacted, as he wished to buy them if they became available. I sold them to him roughly a year later. The badge that Toby of Das Reich was kind enough to add to this topic post can be CLEARLY seen in this thread to NOT be part of this group. Bizarrely though on the Hitler Youth forum, owned and run by another member here who goes under the name XEN both the badge and card that I presented and the VERY SAME badge that Toby presented here in this thread (sold to Railhouse, I assume) are now being claimed to be part of the same group, you can see it at this link. http://www.hj-research.com/forum/f25/deutscher-und-oesterreichischer-alpenverein-hj-7122/ I am banned from the Hitler Youth forum as it's owner has a grudge against me for calling his Distinguished Foreigner badge a fake here on GMIC and on the HJ forum itself, I used the word "Cr@p" to describe his badge and that was considered foul and abusive language, well fair enough, it's his ball, he can take it home if he wants. HOWEVER.. Seeing the deception of this Railhouse character in trying to marry Toby's badge to the group I sold him I signed up again to the HJ forum with my sons name to send this Railhouse character a PM to ask him what he is playing at, I also contacted via PM the owner of the forum XEN (Garry) to let him know what this guy was up to and to ask permission to be re-instated on his forum so that I could challenge this Railhouse guy directly, being the one that sold him the group and thus being unique in being able to pull him up about what he is doing. Garry's response was to ban me again with the new account and do nothing about this guy and his sham. Well it shows the integrity of both the HJ forum and its owner. I warn anyone being offered this group by Railhouse ( I have his real name on my other computer from the sale, but will have to wait to get back home to get it) to please be aware that the 2 badges presented in this thread are the very same in Railhouse's possession and they were never together before him getting his hands on them. As both Garry (XEN) and Railhouse are members here and they can't just delete or ban me on here I would like them both to explain what the hell they are playing at. C
  11. A lesson in persistance, vive la Resistance C http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojJUzv88Els
  12. No probs, I do love your collection of skulls, here you go for your notes. C
  13. Juncker made the metal cap badges as well, is in their old catalogues C
  14. Hey Rod, good to see you made it, aye, you're from Glasgow, nobody's perfect, but I think you will enjoy the forum here very much, Mervyn above has shown some great items and is a wealth of good info, look forward to seeing more of your collection, personally I try and avoid the police, but their cars are pretty fast C
  15. Had a very pleasant morning looking around the show, was nice to talk again with my wife's uncle Don Mahoney. Met 2 advanced Aussie Police collectors who both had stalls, one of whom originated from Glasgow and has been in Oz since the 50's, still got the old accent though He show me photos of his collection room, very nice indeed. Gave them a note of this website, they seemed really keen and said they'd join, hopefully they find this, I'm sure they will, so welcome Cheers Colin
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