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  1. Jeff, Saukenai is a village in Lithuania. Kilk ir Kelk means lift and lift. on medal appears to.be a chap wearing a covid mask in a hoist. The ribbon is  lithuanian national colours. Could it b there is a factory in Saukenai which makes hoists and this is an employee award.



  2. Not totally sure but if it is wrong it is a lot better than the usual fakes. there was definite genuine piece in ANS 2 Morton and Eden Autumn 2006. catalogue is available on line www.mortonandeden.com. So you could compare with the illustration. I know I gave the diameter but I can't remember whether I gave the weight.


  3. spain and morocco have been inextricably linked since the end of the Visigothic monarchy. Until Reyes Catholica Spain had some form of Muslim rule for 700 years revhinv its peak around the millenium

    Then on Spain had some form of rule in morocco and the western Sahara until the 1970s, there are still a few  N African enclaves to this day. Morocco will always play  a part in spanish affairs.


  4. it is of north indian origin comes under the generic title of temple tokens. They are frequently encountered and sell for a dollar or two. They are almost certainly islamic amulets or charms.



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