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  1. Photo taken at a District Leadership School in Jan 1935. The person whom I think looks like Ribbentrop is in the second row, first on the left.
  2. Speculating here, but could this fellow, Schikowsky, be one of the Eben Emael pilots?
  3. That's interesting. Do you know where I could find another photo, or reference to the Landespolizei insignia? Regards, Kevin
  4. I have not been able to find an exact match for these collar tabs. What are they? Thanks in advance. --Kevin
  5. Thanks for commenting, guys. POWs or allies, I'm not sure. Probably never know for certain. Either way it's an interesting photo.
  6. A friend sent this info to me, which lends credence to the possibility that these Czechs were allied with the Germans: There was a small Czech Army setup after the Nazis took over and they were used against partisans and in 1944 they were sent to Italy ...and the uniforms in that pic would be correct so , if they were part of that group , they were allied with the Germans at the time ...but since there's no date , we don't know https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Government_Army_(Bohemia_and_Moravia)
  7. ArHo, that's what I thought at first, but it's odd that they still have some gear on, none of the German soldiers appear to be armed, and it all seems very amicable. But perhaps they were defectors?
  8. I have this photograph that appears to be German army soldiers (standing) with several Czech soldiers sitting on the ground. First of all, I'm not sure if they are Czech. But if so, why would they be together?
  9. The writing on the reverse seems to be from a relative perhaps informing someone of his death. Can somebody give me a translation of the writing? I don't have a good eye for the old Schrift...
  10. Wondering if these are period images or just reenactment. What do you think? --Kevin
  11. Well, the guy in the back is certainly convinced they're going to the pub! 😄
  12. I wish I could determine a date for this photo. It's pasted in an album, so I cannot see the reverse. You can see that Lutze has his arm in a sling. Any ideas?
  13. I like this photo because of the mix of SS, SA, and Political personnel. You can pretty clearly see daggers, cuff titles, and the different caps/kepis in wear. Where do you suppose this interesting mix of men might be headed? --Kevin
  14. I have this ID for a Ministry of Transport official. I mostly collect military items, and was wondering if it is an uncommon/desirable document? From the printing on the first side, it certainly sounds important. 😉 "The one named above exercises his activity on behalf of the Reich Ministry of Transport. He is entitled to do surveys on the commercial transport companies and the transport industry. He is particularly obliged to the conscientious fulfillment of his results on the basis of the decree against bribery and secret betrayal of unauthorized persons."
  15. Hi. I'm back after a long hiatus from collecting and I'm a bit rusty on these things. I'm a little confused by the unit designation on this document. The second Arabic numeral is the issue for me. Can someone help decipher exactly what FJ unit is referenced? Also, what is a good reference source for finding out more about the unit? I don't want to ask folks to do free research for me, so any pointers appreciated. Regards, Kevin
  16. Very nice! I haven't seen the whole boxed sets before. Have you ever lit them up?
  17. Actually, the toilet is a most deadly place. I've heard that billions have been wiped out in them. :rolleyes:
  18. Since you mentioned Transport Korps Speer (TKS), here's a couple more photos.
  19. The sawback versions are less common, but I haven't seen them sell for more than the straight back version. They are both scarce. Frogs are extremely difficult to obtain -- good luck!
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