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  1. Nice little trio you got there Matt! The gold and silver grades have always eluded me, then again I think I have always been way too picky about how good of condition they had to be in.
  2. Great stuff, hope your research reveals more on Jassner and that you are also able to locate some of his original grouping.
  3. For interest sakes, anyone come across one of these plates before? "Erich Probst, Mit Hitler in Coburg" / Maker : "Hutschenreuther Selb Bavaria Germany" http://www.auktionshaus-loesch.de/loeschweb_116/sites_116/auktionen_116/militaria_49/auktion49_varia2.html
  4. Sorry no idea what that award is, no doubt someone reading this can hep us ID it.
  5. Very nice Hugh! Might be of interest, Brooke's great grandson is back in town and checking out his old family haunts: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=...&sec=nation http://thestar.com.my/metro/story.asp?file...;sec=southneast
  6. Here's a trip to the Kota Tinggi museum I did at the end of last year. Usually museums out in this part of the world can be a bit hit and miss, but in this case they have done a pretty good job. The best part for me was on the 1st floor, it was a little section covering the rulers and officials of Johor state, with all kinds of awards and artifacts on display. Again this museum had a no photography policy so excuse the bad pics. Not sure, but this could have been a Dato'ship award document? Close up of above. Close up of above The first ever Chief minister of Johore and his unfirom.
  7. great stuff Hugh! I wonder if there are any major Malaysian based mints?
  8. Fantastic collection Hugh! We definitely need some close ups! :D
  9. Keep us posted when these books come out. Ps sorry for no pics of mine showing up anymore on this post, my old webspace got trashed, will have to sort out new space and get the pics back up.
  10. Thanks for that Carol. Can anyone see any other errors?
  11. Thanks for the comments guys. Those were the only decorations they had on display today. This was the only decoration I did see with major enamel problems. They had other fantastic items in the other sections of the palace, daggers, samurai swords, stuffed tigers, but there were too many museum staff around to risk a pic and possible erasure of my memory stick.
  12. lastly... The Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George . I was glad to see this on display.
  13. Sorry for the bad quality but allegedly no photography was allowed inside the palace, so these were taken when the coast was clear (ie when the dudes with he M16 weren't around). If anyone wants to put a name to these awards and decorations please do so. There were some labels but many of the decorations didn't have any descriptions. Some of the ribbons of the decorations were badly faded and there were some signs of insect damage. The museum conservators really need a royal kick in the arse!
  14. Here's some pics from my visit to the Royal Abu Bakar museum located inside the Istana Besar (Grand palace) in Johor, Malaysia. The building itself was completed in 1866 and in 1982 the doors were opened to the public to showcase the collection of personal possessions of the Johor Royal family. Much of the artifacts in the palace belonged to Sultan Abu Bakar who himself was a friend of Queen Victoria. He was made a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George. Sultan Abu Bakar himself. The Star of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George can be seen being worn on his left breast. The Palalce: Inside the humid throne room where the orders and decorations are kept.
  15. Sorry guys, no time to get down to the museum this time. It'll have to be the end of the year before I am back in this part of the world again to get some pics.
  16. Here's an article from a 60th year reign anniversary magazine of the then Sultan of Johore, Sultan Ibrahim, which gives a quick mention of the Order as well as a picture. As mentioned before, I also have magazine pics of some orders being awarded but the magazine text is all in Jawi script so I will need to first get it translated to figure out what is going on. ============== Darjah Kerbat and Darjah Mahkota Johore. On 31st July 1886 Hi Highness the Late Sultan Abu Bakar had created two orders, the Darjah kerabat Yang Amat Di-Hormati, or the Most Esteemed Family Order, and the Darjah Mahkota Johore Yang Amat Mulia, or the Order of the Crown of Johore. His Highness the Late Sultan Abu Bakar was pleased to select and invest recipients for the Darjah Kerabat Yang Amat di-Hormati and the Darjah Mahkota Johore from amongst his family and also from amongst the nobles and members of the councils, as well as from high officials who ought to be recognized for their good works. ============== The article goes on to cover the Darjah Kerabat Yang Amat Di-Hormati, if anyone is interested.
  17. As I am currently in Johor Bahru if anyone is really interested I can most probably get down to the Istana Besar museum and get pics of the collection on display....That's if they allow cameras inside.....if nobody is looking that's another story. I've also got some old pics from a 1950's magazine of the royal awards in wear someplace.
  18. Raz

    Occupation currency

    A photo from a Singapore museum showing a hoard of notes in a suitcase. The cash became totally worthless when the Japanese surrendered. Anyone lucky enough to have secreted away any Straights Settlements currency was in good position when the British came back into power. As I understand it there were also other different designs for other countries the Japanese occupied. Anyone else got any cash to show?
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