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  1. Thanks! Took me a while to find one! I only collect those medals that are mounted as the recipient would have worn them court/parade mount, Saxon style, etc. (no loose medals or medals just hung on a new ribbon.). Here's the reverse... Jason
  2. Here's a few of mine. I've got several more, just haven't taken photos in a long time. Jason
  3. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the correct (issued) ribbon was for the Württemberg Silbernes Ehrenzeichen für Weibliche Dienstboten? http://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/deutsche-staaten/silbernes-ehrenzeichen-fur-weibliche-dienstboten.html I have seen this medal with the ribbon shown above, but according to Jörg Nimmergut's "Bänderkatalog", Borna Borac's book, and 1 other reference book, the ribbon appears to be a very thin black band to be worn around the neck. Does anyone know for sure what the correct ribbon would have been when awarded? Thank you for your time! Jason
  4. Paja, Thank you! So basically you had to be in pretty bad shape to have received the gold medal! Jason
  5. Hi again, everyone! Just purchased this a today and was wondering if you think this may be the gold (gilt) version? It seems that the gold wash applied to the wound medals wore off pretty easily, but this one appears to have some remaining (or just my imagination), especially on the suspension. Also, what exactly differentiated one receiving a gold vs. iron version? I know the gold version was for more serious wounds, but what were the determining factors? Thanks again Jason
  6. Hello everyone! I was hoping someone could tell me the significance of the small Croatian Coat of Arms attached to the ribbon of the Bronze Medal of the Order of King Zvonimir's Crown? It is only listed as being on the bronze medal in Borna Barac's book, and not for the silver or iron grades. Thank you! Jason
  7. Hi everyone! OK, I'm not seeing it, so what is the difference between the 3rd. & 4th. classes of the Order of the Iron Trefoil? They're both the same size (right?), etc., so what am I missing? Photos would help as well! Thanks! Jason
  8. Paul, Thank you for the quick reply! I know there are a lot of reproductions of the Croatian awards, and was wondering what I should be on the lookout for for fakes? Obviously, poor quality details on the medals would be the first thing to loom for, but anything else in particular? Kindest regards, Jason
  9. Hi everyone!! Just started to dive into collecting Croatian WWII awards. I just picked this one up and was wondering if I could get your opinions on it? First, it was described as a bronze grade award in zinc, but I don't see any evidence of bronzing. I'm thinking it it's an iron award in zinc. Second, what do you think of its authenticity? These are the only photos I have of it as it has not arrived. Also, I'm not sure of any mint marks (if there were any in bronze/iron grade awards). Thanks for your thoughts!!! Jason
  10. Thanks! I just received the medal over the weekend and the ribbon is the correct one! Pics can be so deceiving sometimes! LOL! Jason
  11. I asked the dealer to take a photo of the medal on a white background, and what a difference!!! Jason
  12. Chuck, I was using the book for reference as well, and it's sometimes hard to tell for sure from photos! Jason
  13. Just got a partial photo of the reverse, and in this photo the central purple stripe doesn't appear as dark as the front.
  14. Then again, maybe not! Found this photo of an old bar, and the color is similar. I've seen some where the purple center stripe is a reddish/maroon... Could just be the lighting...?
  15. Hi everyone! I'm interested in purchasing this medal from a dealer, and I'm a little concerned about the color of the ribbon. I know it's probably a replacement, and I'm fine with it, but to me the color is a little too "purple" from the photos I have seen of original medals/ribbons. What do you all think? Is it the "correct" ribbon for this medal? Thanks in advance! Jason
  16. Interesting! I just found another "non-combatant's" medal is silvered medal that actually has a combatant's reverse... http://www.liverpoolmedals.com/China-1900-non-combatant-in-silvered-metal.html Jason
  17. I contacted the seller and he claims it's 100% original because "it's in steel" and "non-combatants are in steel". I sent him photos of the reverse of each medal and said that I wasn't aware of any non-combatants with a combatants reverse, or combatants medals in silvered steel. No reply yet... Jason
  18. Hi everyone! What's going on here??? It was listed as a non-combatant's medal, but it is actually for a combatant in slivered steel. Just wondering what's up!?!? http://www.ebay.com/itm/China-Nichtkampfer-Medaille-an-der-Einzelspange-Original-748-/172257900078 Thanks! Jason
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