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  1. Grossartig! Habe ich endlich das Genkdo-Frankfurt gefunden (neben dem Schaulspielhaus). tks!
  2. ok Thanks Andy ... let me give that a look-see. besten Dank!
  3. Tag Andy! Besten Dank fuer die Infos und Hinweis ... hab ich richtig was zu tun. cheers = Jon V
  4. OK, ob jemand mir bitte helfen könnte, information (Adresse, Beschreibung) oder photos einer der folgenden Armeekorps-Gebäuden zu finden? Ich habe jetzt mindestens 20 Jahren fruchtlos versucht, etwas zu finden: 1. VII. AK HQ in Muenster 2. XII. Saechs-AK HQ in Dresden 3. XVIII. AK HQ in Frankfurt aM 4. I. Bay-AK HQ in Muenchen many thanks! Jon http://www.prussianmachine.com/
  5. Tks GreyC! I will assume then that the photo caption is correct, except for locating the building in (nearby) Charlottenburg. Such a nice building, seems there would be more published photos. Jon V
  6. Looking for some help re the III. Armeekorps Generalkommando headquarters facility in Berlin. I understand that in the 1914 time frame, the building was located near Magdeburger Platz at the address: 2 Genthiner Str., and co-located with the Intendantur, as the below map shows: I've tried for 20 years to find an image of this building, no success... but then .... I found the below undated photo which is great. I'm very very happy .... There's always a however, though, and I think Genthiner Strasse is not really in Charlottenburg, as is labeled on the photo. So, wondering if the photo is indeed the Genthiner Str building?? Or, maybe another III.AK Genkdo facility that was actually in the Charlottenburg section??:
  7. OK great, Glenn! ... that is what I was looking for. Much appreciated. Jon
  8. Thank you so much, Glenn, for answering both questions. On the second one, I guess it is more complex than I'd thought, although I am limiting the question to general officers. I've considered (mistakenly?) the terms Epauletten and Achselstücken as interchangeable and so have used epaulet to describe both. So the question is if there was a dated order to phase out the older fringed epaullette, seen below with Wilhelm I? Images of WW1-era generals seem to only depict tunics with the oblong-shape Achselstück that Moltke is wearing: Jon
  9. I'm looking for a date or year when Prussian officers started to switch from wearing the older epaulets to those worn during the First World War. Also interested in the time frame when the army changed from using General-Lieutenant to Generalleutnant. Thanks!
  10. General-Adjutant Weiland Seiner Majestaet des Kaisers und Koenigs Wilhelm I. Many, many thanks! I wasn't sure if weiland was modifying G-A or S.M. (?) Either way, to translate as -- former adjutant general of his late Majesty -- seems to capture it ... although one of those would be implied in the German. For some reason, the Rangliste stops including this information in 1909.
  11. Looking for a smooth English translation of Generaladjutant Weiland Sr. Majestaet. The generals connected with Wilhelm I. and Friedrich III. continued appearing in the Ranglisten for several years after both Kaisers died in 1888. Was their listing purely ceremonial, or did any of them have real function or influence within Wilhelm II.'s court???
  12. I really enjoy using the DOA, although frustrating to understand it is not necessarily definitive ... but having to research and cross-reference is something that makes all of this so much fun. That, and having pals who can correctly use "parsimonious" in a sentence.
  13. ok Dave, good information. Great info .... about Prittwitz, am I understanding correctly that he had no connection to the China campaign, that he just purchased the medal? thanks for the Wer ist's!
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