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  1. Thanks Andy ... many new profiles to come.
  2. Good news, for those interested ... the 1,300 page site Prussian Machine is back online. The website profiles Imperial Germany's leadership and the formation of the Imperial Army. http://www.prussianmachine.com/ cheers!
  3. Yes guys, thanks so much for your clarifying comments! The "acort" mentioned here is in reference to a last will. Very interesting about the Sütterlin chronology, GreyC. Almost every letter in this document match up very nicely with Sütterlinschrift. German speakers must have been learning a variant of it in school over 100 yrs before Prussia officially taught it.
  4. Looking for assistance with Suetterlin script: ?? aufrichtigen acort oder ?verglich gemacht? den 24 Tag October 1799 *context: possibly a last will/testament. Thanks
  5. Looking for some name verification of these generals: 1. Karl Bansi or Paul Bansi 2. Hugo v. Altrock or Konstantin v. Altrock Bansi Altrock
  6. Almost hopeless; so you're saying there's a chance, Glenn? Haha well, I figured as much ... stupid Überrocks - ruining my life. Thanks Glenn Jon
  7. For those interested, the Prussian Machine website is now located at: http://www.prussianmachine.com/ The site maintains numerous profiles on Germany's Great War military leadership.
  8. Tach! Was benennt man diese Gruppe von Generalstabs-Mitglieder, die in Friedenszeit bei Korps- bzw Divisionstäben gedient haben...dh im Vergleich zu jenen Soldaten, die beim Großen Generalstab Berlin ein permanentes Amt bekleidet haben?? Ich meine, obs dafür einen spezifischen Ausdruck überhaupt gibt? In Kriegszeiten sagt man dazu = Truppengeneralstab (glaub ich) Gruß - Jon http://home.comcast.net/~jcviser/army/genstab.htm
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