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  1. Very nice 👍 In short, Sprogis evacuated 43 wounded soldiers from the battlefield over two days. He served in an ambulance unit, so that figures. What's interesting is that the last pages of his citation (317-319 on Podvig) show that the Red Banner was approved all the way up to the commander of the 33rd Army, Lieutenant-General Efremov (as well as the relevant commissar). There is no notice of a downgrade. The original recommendation looks highly inflated by 1942 standards. A Bravery Medal or Red Star was more fitting even by 1945 standards. Here's the Podvig link for anyone following: http://podvignaroda.mil.ru/?#id=10374574&tab=navDetailManAward *edited to clarify misstatement on award inflation

    • FOR SALE

    Order of the Red Star #3747427 "rotating-tool"/“бормашина” variation awarded to sniper Mikhail Lavrentevich Ponomarenko in 1976 for heroism in battle in February 1945. The order is in excellent condition, as seen on the scans. It is a very early example of the “бормашина” variation (“rotating tool”... referring to the serial number engraving). According to a standard reference, the lowest known number for the type is 3747114. Ponomarenko was 22 years old and a Komsomol member at the time he earned the Red Star. He joined the Red Army in March 1943 and was wounded at least three times – Aug. 43, Dec. 43, and severely in April 44. He also earned a Bravery Medal in August 1944 for the forcing of the Donets River. His Red Star citation reads: “During the offensive against the city of Otovice on 2/26/1945, Red Army Soldier Ponomarenko showed great courage and bravery. He was among the first to break into the town and with his sniper fire destroyed 3 Hitlerites.” Includes archival research in electronic format (14 pages, including an additional “Award Record Card” for Ponomarenko’s Bravery Medal... images will be provided in original color). English translation available upon request. An extremely rare "бормашина" variation Red Star to a sniper! $450 (listed price in EUR is GBP is only an estimate at the time of posting). Payment by PayPal (other methods only by advance agreement). No returns. Shipping to the USA only, $10. International buyers – if interested, please contact me in advance to arrange shipping. Thank you!


  3. Thanks for sharing. Could you please post close-ups of the obverse and reverse and the second page of the document? Always good to have images for reference 😊
  4. The Nevsky is no good. For the OPW – get a straight-on picture of the reverse and a detailed photo of the serial number to be sure that it has not been altered. It should be fine but it's hard to be too careful, especially when other elements of the set are dubious. Speaking of which, the document shows signs of tampering.
  5. Sal, some iffy news and some better news. The iffy – something seems off about that group to me. Most glaring: in the order booklet, the 2 x Order of the Patriotic War 2nd Class are in reverse serial number order and therefore in reverse chronological order. That doesn't make much sense. I also think the ink of the last three entries is suspect. In my experience, a hallmark of a concocted group is the presence of multiple, odd-looking entries after a perfectly legitimate one (the Order of the Red Banner). I hope someone with fresher expertise will comment further. In the meantime, you could have the Order of the Red Banner researched in the archives. I searched the recipient's name on Podvig Naroda and did not get any hits... The better – I found his name online as commissar of a partisan detachment. To me, that correlates with both the lack of a Podvig entry and the style of award booklet. https://a-dyukov.livejournal.com/85810.html Could be extremely interesting!
  6. Nick, I can't send you a PM for some reason – a pop-up box says you can't receive messages. Please remind me of your email address by PM. Thanks!

  7. Have to interject with some skepticism here on the grounds of the serial number. The earliest observed Red Stars for Afghanistan were in the 3,6xx,xxx range, and the last observed issues from the 3,5xx,xxx range were made in 1968-9. The possibilities that come to mind are that the order booklet was faked (not an uncommon occurrence), or the award was a total anomaly. Please do post photos – of the Red Star and doc plus the rest of the group – when you're able, hopefully before you've actually made the purchase.
  8. I would guess that many items McDaniel authenticated passed through a reliable dealer or fellow collector at some point. So it should be possible to trace them, albeit with some difficulty. Perhaps Paul himself would be able to assist if you could find a way to get in touch with him.
  9. Bob, thanks for posting this (and for all your other recent posts)! I have a document for a Friendship Medal in the 600s from the same decree, also to a Russian. Nice to know what it's for finally, altho haven't found info on the recipient specifically. Also have another doc to a Russian for a medal in the 6000s from decree of 1976.1.9 No. 4. Any chance you've run into this date before? Unfortunately doesn't seem worthwhile researching individually with the medal itself absent. Cheers, Alex
  10. Thanks, Paul. I just checked today and the catalog is indeed available. Would be interesting to hear commentary from those following the auction. My impression: it seems that half the lots, including the most substantial ones, are re-runs from last year with a note that a buyer from Kiev failed to pay. Extremely strange. The rest of the material seems unimpressive compared to previous years. Thoughts?
  11. Greetings, Gents! Does anyone know if the New York Sale will be taking place this year? Typically there would be information – even the whole catalog – out by now... Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks, All, for your contributions - Nick for starting the thread and the informative graphics, Paul for the lovely uniform, and Auke for the outstanding Red Stars! Nick or Auke, do you have statistics for posthumous Afghanistan awards and/or awards (all) by rank? I remember reading somewhere about award distributions in these terms. In particular, I recall a claim that half of all Red Stars were awarded posthumously, of which most were to privates; the other half went primarily to (living) officers. Any response to that? For the record, there are a few Afghan awards posted here from way back...
  13. Thanks for clarifying, Auke. Neat finds! I can't think of a more efficient way to go about the research on Podvig. You could theoretically search prikazi by date and go day by day, but that might take even longer than the war. Rick, how many serials numbers per award do you have on this list? Since the 90s...!
  14. It's an error in the translation. The record card clearly reads female. Not to worry, it happens sometimes Nice award!
  15. Auke, how did you go about gathering these citations? 1400 is a really nice sample size!
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