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  1. You can find all three listed as Obst in the 1918 DAL. Hans Otto 27.01.16 M Hermann Heinrich Achaz 06.06.16 Hasso Otto 27.01.17 C To fill in the blanks for Hans Otto, he was Stab IR 150 before the War LIR 18 08.14 RIR 233 01.02.15 - 11.01.17 78 Res Inf Brig 26.08.17 - 08.01.18 Elwyn
  2. Mj 15.01.02 ObstLt zD 22.03.06 Char als Obst zD 24.09.09 Char als GenMj 23.07.17 Thanks Elwyn
  3. Hi Andreas, The first man looks like Flügeladjutant Gustav v Neumann-Cosel Thanks Elwyn
  4. Hi Schießplatzmeister, Would you be able to show us some more Ritter v Hitzler? Thanks Elwyn
  5. Very nice. #75 was Ludwig Ritter v Radlmeier MMJO and later WM Pz GenLt. #117 was later GenMj Karl v Malaisé #180 was later WM GenLt Paul Winter Cheers Elwyn
  6. The three Grades of Type II Klasse III, left to right: Grade 1: Blossom Band Grade 2: Meander Band Grade 3: Serrate Band Mj Wilhelm Siegert was a winner of Type I Klasse III Grade 3
  7. Posts 19 and 20 should be Type I Klasse IV (just a single Grade exists) It's completely smooth on the edges and it is much bigger than Klasse V Cheers Freiherr
  8. No expert on uniform.... I have never seen a picture of him so would not be able to tell if the tunic would fit him. But you would think he had ordensspange and loops for some basic decorations. None for an ObstAF? Hard to believe. Cheers Elwyn
  9. Soup with pate would seem strange for today. Other than that, looks like trout mousse with tomato sauce, chicken pot pie, beef and grouse with cream sauce. I hope they were small plates. Now the wine list to go with it would be interesting Cheers Elwyn
  10. Ludwig Karl Joachim v Schwerin was ObstLt 12.09.02 E and Kmdr d Kürassier Rgt Kaiser Nikolaus I v Rußland (Brandenburgisches) Nr 6 in 1903. I am not familiar with Großfürst Alexei Alexandrovitch's coat of arms but his younger brother Großfürst Paul Alexandrovitch was à la suite KR6 10.09.72 and Chef d Rgt 19.07.88. Cheers Elwyn
  11. Bastian was later KM Admiral Max Bastian v Ahlfen was later GenMj Hans v Ahlfen v Falkenhorst was later GenObst Nikolaus v Falkenhorst Karmann was later Gen d Inf Friedrich Karmann v Uckermann was later GenLt Horst FrHr v Uckermann Mummert was later GenMj Werner Mummert Carp was later GenLt Georg Carp Rm Merz was later GenMj Georg Merz (he was rare!!!) Cheers Elwyn
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