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  1. I always speculated Husar on the extreme left to be FrHr v Fritsch..... seems to fit Would anyone have his Date of Birth and Date of Death?
  2. Hi Christophe, If ObLt Lüder was in any way connected to RIR 133, my guess for the general would be GenLt Max Morgenstern Döring, Kmdr of 24 Res Div the superior formation of RIR 133. I think I can see the general in question wearing glasses like Morgenstern Döring did. If we stick with LIR 133, then the only Saxon superior formation kmdr that remotely looked like the general in the picture would be Horst v Tettenborn of 45 Ldw Brig. v Tettenborn only became GenMj on 15.07.18 and probably would not be so highly decorated and was fighting on the Eastern Front. For ObStLt Francke, the conenction to LIR was actually closer. Francke was later Kmdr of IR 179. I/IR 179 was used to form I/LIR 133] Thanks Elwyn Husaren Officer with Flügeladjutant's aiguilette was more than likely at this point Major or Oberstleutnant Harry Freiherr v Fritsch. He was 1 Esk Husaren Rgt 19 and was the only Husaren FlüAdj of FA III I have on my files. Thanks
  3. 7th pic from bottom on horse back was then ObstLt Paul Benno Karl Francke, Stab IR 133, later GenMj. Thanks
  4. Hi Christophe Very nice! Third from bottom of your pics Man behind FA III kind of being the only person in his row was GenAdj GdK Ludwig Moritz Camillio FrHr v Müller Thanks Elwyn
  5. Me too. Message sent, CR/ Mr Beery? I thought I had a signed copy of one of the other volumes but it was actually a letter ... he sold that to em directly. Thanks Elwyn
  6. Major 01.06.97 Oberstleutnant 27.01.05 Oberst 11.09.07 Generalmajor 21.04.11 Char als Generalleutnant He was reactivated. Inspector of Ldw Inspektion 1 Altona 04.09.14, with Militär Gouvernment in Belgien 23.10.14, Kmdr 43 Ldw Brig 24.01.5, abschied 12.01.19? Thanks
  7. Hi Paul and Claudio, This was on Ebay some moons ago. v Rosensteil was a giant of a man. Does anyone know whom his predecessor was at 1 Matrosen Rgt prior to 04.16? Thanks
  8. A bit too blurry to make any more constructive comment. But it was Jehlin and I have seen this event being dated as taking place in 1917 with Bavarian 8th Res Div parade. 2nd pic on extreme left was Walter v Walderstötten, Gen Adj of König Ludwig III 5th pic second left next to v Jehlin was v Conta Kmdr of Karpathen Korps. Second right next to Kaiser Wilhelm was Austrain FM Kövess Thanks
  9. 1st row second from right just one step behind everyone else was later GenMj Heinrich Ritter v Füchtbauer. He was beim Stab RW IR 47. He was the third MMJO winner here. However, there was a 4th MMJO -- third man from right as his ribbon was very big. I thought he was Spruner v Mertz but the man was killed duirng the war. Elwyn
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