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  1. All pretty tame stuff except on the extreme left was the Humane Society bronze medal for saving a couple of ladies drowning and on the extreme right was his Dutch Expedition Cross from being Military Attaché in Acheen (today's Aceh) with the Dutch army. Cheers
  2. Not so uncommon apparently but he was one of a number of generals to have received both the Military GCB and the Civilian division - here a CB. But he had some interesting stuff to go with that .... ÖEK1 and ÖFJ1. Not to mention these! Cheers
  3. Thanks. I forgot it was mentioned here. The little crown did throw me off. A porcelain work from Queen Victoria's favorite artisan seems to support that.
  4. Here are two portraits of Gen Sir Francis Reginald Wingate High Commissioner of Egypt 17 - 19 with the rarely seen Order of Ismail Type 1 breast star, Commander or Grand Commander Order of the Star of Ethiopia and Order of the Nile Breast Star. he was given the Jordanian Order of Renaissance later as well but I have not been able to spot that Cheers
  5. This is a reasonable depiction. The breast star of the Order of the Garter, the Order of the Star of India, the St Michael and St George breast star, and on the spange: R-L Ernestine House Order, Oldenburg Cross and the Greek Redeemer are all within reason. I can't figure for the life of me what is the next to the Redeemer on the spange, or the last one. The "continental old style" ribbon and what looks like a crown at the top of the round medal makes this unlikely to be a British medal. Cheers
  6. Hahaha, Daniel always gets it right! Took me a whole day before I found this marble bust of Connaught. It's the Hesse MVK indeed! His oldest sister Vicky was of course Kaiserin to Friedrich III. And father-in-law Friedrich Karl was Chef to Husaren Rgt Nr 3 and Connaught was à la suite. However, second sister Alice was Großherzogin of Hesse. So he got it from Ludwig IV. Supposed to be given to Franco Prussian war veterans but I guess good to be a VIP! In this case Vanity Fair even got the colours of the ribbon somewhat correct! Cheers
  7. Thanks. I know all of those. This one is not known to the link or to me. All pictures post 1882 as it was post Egypt obviously and the Duke was also awarded Prussian PLM in 1882. Cheers
  8. Can anyone identify what he was wearing second from right between the Egyptian Campaign Medal and the Khedive's Star? It must be one of his favorites as he seems to carrying it all the time - just like the Duke of Cambridge with his French and Sardinian Crimean medals. Thanks Elwyn
  9. Regarding Chris Boonzaier post third pic from the bottom, It was not Boris of Bulgaria but rather Herzog v Braunschweig visiting Thiacourt near Champagne on 07.07.1915 with IV/IR 368 which was under 25 Erz Brig, 10 Erz Div. Elwyn
  10. Whoever he was, same person was just over the König FA III's shoulder. Not to be totally off topic, it's FA III's FlüAdj v Meister third row back and v Eulitz nehind the Kronprinz. You can make out the Sachsen Adj collar tabs.
  11. Of course! In GreyC's post, both show another Adj RM Fritz v Zobeltitz Below is v Zobeltitz again, 2L. 1L shows some resemblance to Mülder v Mülnheim - he wore Garde cuffs often like in the second pic Glenn posted.
  12. I believe this last man Obst [Johann] Maximilian [Carl] Freiherr v u z Bodman, a FlüAdj of Ludwig III towards the latter part of the war. he served with bayr 3 FAR and as Mj with bayr 9 FAR. Castell and him looked alike and it can be tricky from afar. The second pic belonged to "HK" would like to credit him and ask him for permission to use. In the Alamy group pic with Ludwig III, third man from right with hands on shoulders of little boy was Walther v Walderstötten. the other three of the four men were: (1) Generalstabsarzt Ritter v Seydel, (3) Nagel zu Aichberg and (4
  13. You can find all three listed as Obst in the 1918 DAL. Hans Otto 27.01.16 M Hermann Heinrich Achaz 06.06.16 Hasso Otto 27.01.17 C To fill in the blanks for Hans Otto, he was Stab IR 150 before the War LIR 18 08.14 RIR 233 01.02.15 - 11.01.17 78 Res Inf Brig 26.08.17 - 08.01.18 Elwyn
  14. Mj 15.01.02 ObstLt zD 22.03.06 Char als Obst zD 24.09.09 Char als GenMj 23.07.17 Thanks Elwyn
  15. Hi Andreas, The first man looks like Flügeladjutant Gustav v Neumann-Cosel Thanks Elwyn
  16. Very nice. #75 was Ludwig Ritter v Radlmeier MMJO and later WM Pz GenLt. #117 was later GenMj Karl v Malaisé #180 was later WM GenLt Paul Winter Cheers Elwyn
  17. The three Grades of Type II Klasse III, left to right: Grade 1: Blossom Band Grade 2: Meander Band Grade 3: Serrate Band Mj Wilhelm Siegert was a winner of Type I Klasse III Grade 3
  18. Posts 19 and 20 should be Type I Klasse IV (just a single Grade exists) It's completely smooth on the edges and it is much bigger than Klasse V Cheers Freiherr
  19. No expert on uniform.... I have never seen a picture of him so would not be able to tell if the tunic would fit him. But you would think he had ordensspange and loops for some basic decorations. None for an ObstAF? Hard to believe. Cheers Elwyn
  20. Soup with pate would seem strange for today. Other than that, looks like trout mousse with tomato sauce, chicken pot pie, beef and grouse with cream sauce. I hope they were small plates. Now the wine list to go with it would be interesting Cheers Elwyn
  21. Ludwig Karl Joachim v Schwerin was ObstLt 12.09.02 E and Kmdr d Kürassier Rgt Kaiser Nikolaus I v Rußland (Brandenburgisches) Nr 6 in 1903. I am not familiar with Großfürst Alexei Alexandrovitch's coat of arms but his younger brother Großfürst Paul Alexandrovitch was à la suite KR6 10.09.72 and Chef d Rgt 19.07.88. Cheers Elwyn
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