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  1. Jock Unfortunately i dont have the book only a list of numbers and units. Cheers Moszi
  2. Dear Paul Thanks for your comment, i agree with you that the white thread underside the collar tabs is rather odd, but the top sides are rather tight and even in application. cheers moszi
  3. Dear Jock Thankyou for your reply, good point with the Uv light test and i will keep it in mind. All the best Moszi
  4. Hi All I would like opinions on this Fliegerbluse, the eagle is rather unusual in designed but the rest seem ok, i hope. cheers Moszi
  5. Wow, wonderful and intersting variety of designs. cheers moszi
  6. Dedehansen, very nice tile ship plaques. Let keep this thread going moszi
  7. Dear all Wonderful plaques, Justin and Martin! Would love to see more KM plaques Regards moszi
  8. Dear All Just picked up this u boat plaque from a local flohmarkt. I think it is a type IXC boat. On the conning tower has a small engraved KM battle flag and on the bottom deck a small deck gun attached. Regards moszi
  9. Dear Steve Thankyou for your compliment. By the way you have a very comprehensive Army and Luftwaffe collection, Moszi
  10. Dear All More pictures of Luft head gear Unfortunately the eagles on the tropical officer side cap and on the M 43 were replaced. cheers Moszi
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