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  1. Wow nice collection!! Question, the headset with the speaker is that typically uboat? And is this a rare type? Thanks, Floris
  2. Nice stuff here!! I really like the picturess of Michels manequins!!!! But a boxcollector? That's a new term for me :)
  3. Hi, You asked my opinion on this cap but I only had the standard Tellermuetze (not private purchase capss) in my collection. So I really can't help you with this one, sorry.
  4. Compasses mounted with those "iron balls" on the side are magnetic compasses. Maybe the one you have on the e-boat picture is a Gyro-compass. Regards, Floris
  5. I am looking for the round door of a standard kriegsmarine Kieninger & Obergfell clock, can anone help me?
  6. Not as great as Gordon's cap but a very nice tellermuetze and a complete and wonderfull pair of obergefreiter's shoulder boardswhich I recently found on ebay. The tellermuetze is a normal standard issue with removable blue top. The top has a name tag in it and vague acceptance stamps. The white stiffner in the front bears the number 55 for the headsize. As you can see the capframe consists of the see through cellulose material It's has a very nice "floppy" look. I'm still looking for the capinsignia!
  7. Thanks, I learned a lot from you already about Kriegsmarine dd-caps and visor hats on this forum (and Torpedo Loss!) I find the chinstrap also interesting on this one because it looks like the " softer type" (at least it's called like that in KM cap threads on the waf-forum).
  8. Very interesting pictures, didn't know they had black capframe stiffeners too.
  9. Maybe some other members can help us out here! Do you still now the price asked for the barograph John? (just for comparison. PM me)
  10. Hi John, Just found your sextant on the dealerwebsite, he also sold a nice barograph, also yours now? About the numbers on the KM sextants. The number on the arc is the Plath factory serial number. The number with the Kriegsmarine eagle above M is the German Navy satisfactory stamp, or Kriegsmarine abnahme. So this meaned the navy approved the sextant, this was done on every Kriegsmarine item from field gear to navigational item.The department that did this for navigational items and clocks was the Deutsche Seewarte. This is also shown on the certificate in the box and probably on the left s
  11. early war version azimuth circle. On the lid of the bx is the same Kriegsmarine number with M as on he circle.
  12. Hello all, What do you think of this lufftwaffe M40 with single decal? The black stripes on it s old tar. Many thanks!
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