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  1. Sahil, My dad has both the Stars for 71, he served in the West (opened up the defunct Monabao - Khokrapar railway lines) and the East (a few covert and overt jobs and finally Dacca).
  2. Just recd this page from the author. FYI. Rgds Sushil Errata Page II line 34; for ?Centre of ?read ?Centre for? ? IX ? 18, for ?A rank is used? read ?A rank as used? ? ? ? 38, for ?as pan of ?read ?as part of ? ? 5 ? 24, for ?South Mahratta Horse? read ?Southern Mahratta Horse? ? 6 ? 7, for ?know as? read ?known as? ? 39 ? 33, for ?Bombay? read ?Poona? ? 52 ? 19, ditto as above ? 80 ? 24,
  3. Thanks James. Will have a look at this once I'm back home. Most of these pin-head sized states are more interesting than the BIG ones like Baroda or J&K! Cheers Sushil
  4. Thank you Ed. I'm overseas and hence without my notes. I do have one medal of the Jath State - it is for some agricultrue exhibition. Take care Sushil
  5. Subedar Lakhmir Singh, RIA. Jemadar 1936 Subedar 1939 1936 25 Mountain Battery 1939 2-22 Mountain Battery Cheers Sushil
  6. James, These are not medals of Jath State, which was only 980 sq miles in Kolhapur and Deccan States area and there are no records of any medals being struck by Jath. As far as I can remember (remember) Jath was not a Princely State but a Zamindari where the Zamindar held the title of Raja not to be mistaken for Raja which the British recognised as royalty. Perhaps Ed can add something here. Cheers Sushil
  7. James, Exactly what Ed mentions for both the points. The three medals are surely those of some Indian Princely State/s, the question is which one/s? Rgds Sushil
  8. This reads: 2757712 P/Nk BH Rao MLI = Paid Naik BH Rao Mahratta Light Infantry. Cheers Sushil
  9. Brian, The ribbon is the other way, with the sand stripe on the right. Rgds Sushil
  10. A very interesting group indeed. Which are the the three medals before the Independence Medal? And, why a Pacific Star? Should be a Burma Star. Cheers Sushil
  11. James, Why don't you send a mail to the Sqn Ldr at the USI and ask for the pictures/scans? I'm sure that will not be a problem for them. Rgds Sushil
  12. James, Believe me the book is just fine in terms of the content, quality of print and the binding. This was one of the things the USI was particulat about. Rgds Sushil
  13. Gentlemen, I assure you it will be a worthy collection to your library. As ever Sushil
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