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  2. Hi, While describing history of this gas mask canister (on the left) I've noticed that the paint color looks strange. Is it possible that it's in fact Navy paint? Unfortunatelly I don't have any green painted canister to compare it with this item but on the photo you can see canister in Luftwaffe paint (on the right). So I'd like to hear your's opinions in this matter. Secondly, this item ended it's service in hands on this men below. What does mean this last writing after "I Zug"? Is it Reichswehr eagle in the left corner? That's a lot of questions, hope you'll be able to help me. Best regards and thanks in advance.
  3. Hi, I'm wondering if this is WWII stuff or just postwar item. How to distuingish them? Best regards
  4. Maybe it's private purchase item to comemorate service on front?
  5. Here's foto of all pic. Above is US eagle with flags.
  6. Hi, I'm looking for any info about this unit from pic -> Thanks in advance, fanatyk6
  7. Hi, Contemplating set of SS Fjg Btln 600 photos from Oderfront I've noticed this person behind comander of SS Jagdverband Mitte F u c k e r (in white camo jacket). Apparently he'e expressing his respect to the first soldier in the row. Could this be Leifheit from this SS Fjg unit? I'm also thinking about Scheu who was comander of 1 company that defended Grabow that day. BTW does anyone know what was written below this photo? It starts with: ,,Diese sechs Manner zwangen sechzehn Panzer. .... (?)" Thanks a lot for any help. fanatyk6
  8. Hi, I'm looking for help in translating those two feldposts from Fliegerhorst in Konigsberg in Neumark. Thanks in advance for help!
  9. Hi, are this pouches Belgian pre-WWII stuff? If not then which army used them? Thanks in advance for help. fanatyk66
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