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  1. I've just bought this P1888 MK2 and am a bit confused about the scabbard and frog, is it a MK2 scabbard? if it is I heard they are quite scarce, is that true? Could it also be a 1903 scabbard? Any help appreciated Rich
  2. Just found this picture, the lance corp Perce identified appears to be wearing a art cap badge!! It could be that the same squad was transfered to the KOYLI but It doesn't seem likely, I now think the original picture was his artillery squad prior to him joining the KOYLI, I'm a bit disapointed but I do have some other photos to anaylse!
  3. Thanks Perce , that was a quick response, I can't believe I missed the half a stripe!!
  4. My Grandfather died in 1944 and I am trying to investigate his military career. Can anybody tell me whether this group of soldiers are Infantry or Artillery? The reason I ask is that my grandfather was transfered to the KOYLI from the artillery only 4 months before he died, if these fellas are KOYLI then it is likely he died whilst fighting alongside them. It looks like this maybe his squad , I can see the Sergeant but not a Lance/corporal. What does anybody else think, is my hunch right that this is an infantry squad? Any help appreciated!
  5. I am researching my Grandfathers military carreer and found this old photograph. I am not sure what rifle they are carrying? To me it looks like it maybe a P14 which seems a little bizzarre as this pic is from WW2. However my grandfather underwent a period of retraining (June 1944) in the middle east (Palestine I believe) when they disbanded his artillery regiment and restocked depleted infantry regiments , so it maybe during his retraining that they used the older rifles? Do people agree it is a P14 or am I wrong about that? Any help appreciated Rich
  6. Thanks for all the help, you are indeed right and they are references to military co-ordinates, apparently these where deliberatley "non-standard", incase reports etc got into the wrong hands. Fortunatley I managed to find a map in another regiments war diary, seems their CO was a bit better at report writing ! Thanks again fot the help, greatley appreciated!
  7. I have obtained the war diaries for my grandfathers regiment and am a bit baffled by some of the terminoligy, was hoping someone here might help. "C.O. ordered a Pl of 'B' Coy forward to join 'D' Coy - to go as a fighting patrol - to Pt 374, 858807, to clear German MG positions......" I can't seem to find where Pt 374 will be (on maps etc) and was hoping the 858807 would be a grid reference, but that doesn't seem likely as this was in italy!! Any help appreciated
  8. My grandfather had bad luck in 1944, in that he fought a defensive position held by the 100th Gebirgsj?ger reg. He didn't make it through the battle (died on 13th Sept) http://members.tripod.com/aries46/100th_gj.htm During the action the 100th Regiment were awarded 6 knights crosses, which seems allot to me. Has any other German regiment gained more in a single action/battle? Thanks for any help!
  9. Can you believe I had a volunteer within 2 minutes of posting this, a real credit to our US cousins across the pond. Thank you for looking anyway.
  10. Hello all, this is a bizarre request, but I have seen some rifle parts on ebay that I've been looking out for, for ages. They are completely inert and are just 2 band barrel bands and a hand guard for a magazine Lee Enfield. The problem is the guy selling them is only prepared to ship within the US, I have asked him if he'll ship them to me in the UK but have had no reply. That is where my bizarre request starts, I was hoping a kind American would offer themselves as a halfway house for my goods and forward them on to me when they receive them, I will pay for the postage and compensate for any other expenses incurred. (will send paypal payment) I do apologise for begging but I am not sure what other options I have. Thank you kindly for any help Richard
  11. Thanks Henry, your advice is appreciated, I still don't feel 100% comfortable buying it yet though, I think I need to do some more research! How would you recommend I narrow down its period of manufacturer, would the book you mention help? Also what would you say is a fair price for this sword? ( I guess that could be anywhere but it would be interesting to see what you think!)
  12. I was looking at buying this shamsheer but am a bit curious about it as there seems to be a anomaly. The blade has the initial appearance of a shamsheer but the hilt appears to be a standard Tulwar hilt. I have read that a Shamsheer generally does not have a knuckle guard. Therein lies my confusion, has the hilt been retro fitted and isn't an original part, or has anybody seem this combination before? Any help welcome as I know very little about Indo-Persian swords but do find them fascinating. Any other comments welcome about the weapon too!!
  13. Ok I've looked at the book "Treasure is where you find it" (http://www.ima-hosting.com/index.php/cPath/29_175) and it appears that they were indeed made after the Mutiny and also before the end of the ACW, explains allot, I guess that they are Nepal thoroughbreds. Bit disapointed they didn't see any significant action but still please I've bagged myself a P1853 enfield for ?120!!
  14. I have bitten the bullet and bought a few of these rifles from IMA. Maybe this is the wrong arena to dicsuss the history of these rifles but I was wondering if anybody would like to add to the discussusion. Mainly I am curious to their origins, I know little evidence exhists but that won't stop me speculating!! Questions I have - Does anybody know the date of their manufacture? - Where the rifles used by the Gurkas OR the Napalese Army (Where they then the same thing?) I have seen pictures of Gurkas during the indian mutiny and they appear to be equiped with 1842 Muskets, ruling out the chance that these rifles where used during the mutiny. So if they were used after the mutiny by the Gurkas this puts their issue after the 1850's. During the 1860's as I'm sure most of you are aware the American civil war took place, following the war there where >100,000 surplus enfields which the US government tried in vain to sell off to anybody who would have them. How about as a theory some of these where bought by by the Nepalese? It just strikes me as a bit odd that the Nepalese would bother making any 1853's when the world was awsh with surplus stock. The only problem would be that the Uk may not appreciate the Nepalese purchasing arms from anybody but them and therefore asked for rifles/parts with no markings so they can't be traced. I know this is all wishfull thinking but I think it is a nice theory!!
  15. Thanks Paul, really appreciated! Hopefully he carved this stock in SA!. RIch
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