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  1. If this is in the wrong forum then please let me know. Here is my latest purchase. It is a pair to 78242 BMDR G HOLLOBONE R.A. The medlas have been well polished at some point and obviously worn with pride He was entitled to not only this pair,but also to the Mons star with bar,which is unfortunatly missing from the set. I will get some more research when i have time and i will post up the results when i get them. MIC Medal pair
  2. Thanks for the help guys. Tony,it is my intention to research him when i get a minute in a busy life I will be going on ancestry.com to find out what i can.I already have his MIC so that is a start.
  3. here is my most recent group to gunner 159821 , George Lawrence here is the MIC for him.It shows that he was only entitled to the pair. And his Short service Attestation papers Page 1 Page 2 Statement of service More paperwork That is about it.So any help at all on halping decipher what is on these documents. As i mentioned it looks like they have been damaged by water. Cheers
  4. Many, many thanks for that information.How can i obtain a copy of the book Soldiers Died?
  5. Thanks for the replies guys. I will get a copy of the medal year book. Chris,many thanks of you roffer of help.I will get in contact if i need any.Paul,thanks for telling me what is on his MIC.I have plans of researching his history and building up a profile of him.
  6. Here is my first casualty medal to H H Pell of the Royal Artillery. Here are the details from the CWGC Name: PELL, HERBERT HENRY Initials: H H Nationality: United Kingdom Rank: Driver Regiment/Service: Royal Field Artillery Unit Text: 87th Bty. Age: 22 Date of Death: 27/05/1918 Service No: 640592 Additional information: Son of Mary Elizabeth Pell, of 7, Albion Terrace, Boston Rd., Sleaford. Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial Reference: II. A. 30. Cemetery: GWALIA CEMETERY I have just started to collect British medals and i am very happy with this one.I got it from e bay for the price of £22.
  7. sure looks that way Tony.Here is a translation that someone did for me "Frankreich 28.8.17 Liebe Schwester, Anbei eine Photographie zum Andenken an den M. G. Kursus in Rumigny (a French town in the Somme area). Die herzlichsten Gr??e sendet Dir Dein Bruder Hans. Auf Wiedersehn."
  8. here are a couple of new things that arrived in the post. The first one is a Photograph that was removed from a photoalbum of life in a trench As you can see there looks to be little danger as one of the men is on lip of the trench And the second one is a postcard of a machine gun troup.I have incresed the size of hte group of men in the middle as one of them seems to have a badge of some description on his sleeve.Could this be a machine gun badge? Close up and i have scanned the back of the postcard in a negative way as it makes it easier to read. Hope you enjoy looking at these David F
  9. ill check with my brother and i'll get back to you with the answer
  10. Thats all for the moment. Hopefully some more will arrive in the near future and i will post them up. Thanks for looking David F
  11. Here is a close up of his cap. Now it looks like he has a skull and crossbones cap badge .Anyone shed any light on this??
  12. and here is the back which shows what i think are some names of thte people who are in the picture
  13. here is another couple of postcards that arrived this morning. here is a group picture with 4 EK 1st classes on show.
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