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  1. Hello everybody! You think this one in ebay is real or a fake?
  2. As you can see there's a little hit in my Ek1. Yesterday It fall from my hands and another little hit was made, It is aceptable to mend it with a litle paint, or it is more pure to leave it alone? What do you think?
  3. I forgot to thank you very much for your quick answer!
  4. I could imagine, depending on the materials maybe, but I thought measures were a quite ruled thing, for example from side to side they MUST be 44x44 and Knight crosses 48x48, no differences allowed! I thougt the rest of meausures were the same way. Of course in the drawing of 1939/1813 or the swastica are many and interesting diferences!
  5. I have already commented this in other topic, but I would like to post this matter here anyway. Compairing my two crosses close together, I have realised that the lenght of the sides of the crosses are different, while my 2nd class iron cross has its sides measuring 26 mm each, my iron cross first class has its sides measuring 25 mm each. Is this a normal thing? I have never realized before. The first class is marked 6. and the second class one is marked 100, you can see the first class in this forum becouse it's my new purchase! Both of them measure 44 mm from side to side, this is a standard for all Iron crosses first class or second, but I thought there were no difference in the lenght of the sides.
  6. Nice and big colection!! The sides of the second class crosses measure the same? I mean the sides of my one second class, measures 26 mm, while my iron cross first class sides, measure 25 mm. Depends on the maker? The second class is marked 100 and the firs class 6.
  7. Thank you for the answers. What about this one then?
  8. Anyway, what is the best way in a photo to notice if a piece is real or fake? 3 pieces, metal core etc are things your notice with de EK in your hands...
  9. Hey, the seller tells me that it is marked 61 not 6! What do you think of it?
  10. Interesting!! I hope the paint has not been removed after, to try to increase the medal value trying to make it more rare.
  11. Thank you very much for your answers! I would like to ask: is there any special reason for the "silver" svastika in the first EK1? The manufacturer always made them that way?
  12. Hello everybody! I would like to know if this badge is real or fake Thank you!!
  13. Hello everybody! This is my first message, I expect to spend a good time with all of you. I am Spanish so sorry for my english! I would like to know if this peaces are real or fake. Please give me your opinion. Thank you very much for your opinions!!
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