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    Wound badges 1914-1957<br />Target Shooting (hand guns)

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  1. Hello Nan Su There is no problem with this badge A nice worn black wound badge Cheers, Ronny
  2. Very nice Naoki Any change for more pictures ?close-ups?, front and back Cheers, Ronny
  3. Nice Assman Alex, IMHO a nice silver grade Assman ?zinc? badge Cheers, Ronny
  4. Thanks Joe I will have you in mind if I let it go Any change of pictures of your o marked crosses? Cheers, Ronny
  5. Hello Gents Got this EK2 today, it looks a bit weird to me The inner rim of the cross is very thin and there is a strange mark on the small ring. Any one seen this before? Cheers, Ronny Front
  6. Is all these yours old buddy Impressive indeed, wouldn?t mind seeing Some more pictures of yours wb?s mate. Especially the navy and the ?chaplain?s badge?. With a closer thought show them all the ek's too Cheers, Ronny
  7. Hello Mike, That is a very nice set Maybe I should sell my wb's and start collecting EK's Cheers mate Ronny
  8. Hello John and Don Yes I have seen one before but don?t remember where. To me it looks like an original black wb in brass/tombak The badge have been customised some where in time, It looks from the pictures that the hinge and catch have been Moved to the edges of the badge, looks like there are some solder around the hinge/catch. If it was gold plated the solder would be plated to. There are some mistakes in the cutting, look at the right grip of the sword IMO the badge are reworked wartime and I wouldn?t mind to have It in my collection. Very nice variant Cheers, Ronny
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