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  1. The first one is just regular badge for all employees of correctional service, second one is medal 1921-2011 of Court Decision Enforcement Authority, the last is Golden Star badge of SULD Sport Union of correctional service employees.
  2. That is also part of mongolian history.
  3. Dear All, I would like to pass question to anyone... Should prepare to national holiday... :D
  4. Actually, I was waiting for Jimz. Ok, here is the next question: I was a Hero of WW1,participated in 2 civil wars after October Revolution.The highest rank I reached was Lieutenant- general. Question: Please name me and two civil wars...
  5. 1. Pravda Newspaper 2. 2 Order of Lenin (1945, 1962), Order of October Revolution (1972).
  6. Hint #1 My creator received the RSFSR State Prize in 1969.
  7. Question # 26. I am not real. I am a character from the famous books by soviet writer, in particular trilogy (and hero of 6 movies).Trilogy and movies (although last movie was made in 2004) were a part of communist propaganda, targeting specific group of Soviet society. Actually I am not a hero, I am anti-hero. In last part of trilogy I visited "other" world ( "other" in two meanings). Question: The first meaning is capitalist world, what is the second? And of course, please name me...
  8. Very good... Correct... Point to Christophe!
  9. Question # 24 We were created by I.V.Stalin in July of 1942. Stalin used experience of his enemy, Nazi Germany. Please give full name of me (I am not a human) and my German counterpart. Good luck...
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