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  1. The only other one of these I have seen. Viewed about 7 or 8 years ago in a Russian Border Guard website. Has since been taken down, closed or what ever.
  2. I purchased a documented medal along with a documented MVD egg to the same individual in 2005. Cost at that time was $700. Obviously the documented egg was the bulk of the cost, but the fact that the medal was documented to a KGB officer meant a lot.
  3. JB This is a early Hungarian Communist Bade. Look in the Hungary section of the site under HUPR Distinction badges. This one is in the Artillery display, and my gusess would something like a forward observer. Tom
  4. It would appear that the order, #421, does not belong with the order booklet, #121. I could be wrong about this, as I don't read Romanian. What are others thoughts?
  5. What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.

  6. Hunyadi,
    I would like one the editions of Elvtars: History and Regalia of Communist Hungary 1944-1957.
    Thanks Tom Ruebelmann

  7. :unsure: Greg; In the 2nd badge, I'm not sure thats a minaret. I think its a river view of the Peter and Paul Fortress in Leningrad. Additionally the 3rd badge is from the MVD Academy in Leningrad, or so I've been told.
  8. Its a Excellent Worker badge. Now to determine what the MHO was! :Cat-Scratch:
  9. :rolleyes: In #3, 2nd photo of Tito, is that a Order of National Liberation Type 1 on hanger?
  10. Christian; I say rivets but actually mean the small dots circling the outer edges. Sorry! Tom :speechless:
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