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  1. @ Christophe and Daniel what is right? Oberleutnant Johann Eckholt, IR64, HOH3X or Oberstleutnant Johannes Eckholdt, IR64, HOH3X Thanx and regards, Mike
  2. I think so and I think it is a 87 of the shoulder straps. All the best, Mike
  3. Super Chris, a up to now unknown wearer of a HOH3X. Can you tell me the number on the left side down of the document? Thanks and regards, Mike
  4. Hi Thierry, probable is the AEZ with figure from "Raritätensammlerclub" or one from his dealers. (cetra..., rittergut von mauritz.. or, or, or) I to fear the medal is also a fake. ;o( Best Regards, Mike Look here: http://www.ordensammler.com/html/1826.html item: 1826
  5. Hi Thierry, the RAO is a fake the Jubiläumszahl 50 is a fake and the 65 is also a fake. Essential! All 65 are fakes!!!! There was never a conferment of a decoration with 65. Not in order and not medals. Regards Mike
  6. Please give me a single picture from the Agraffe. Best case in 90° and with backside! Maybe than I can say you what it is. Regards Mike
  7. ?.... ?..... Offz. M...? 5/21 F. Art. Regt. XI. b. ??? Dear ?.... The best Greetings from the Field send you your Karl. Let's hear something from you soon please. ?... doing well. Karl Best Greetings to Family Maestlo ?? I hope you understand a little bit, my english is so bad. Regards Mike
  8. The core is a typ B, I think painted. Nobody can say is it in original a EKI or a EKII core, backside planed! ???? The needle, I think is maybe from a breaststar. Regards Mike
  9. One we all know, Feldwebel d.R. Windisch, later Ltn.d.R. and plm. He died 1918. The other three I have reviewed, none had a Mecklenburg, the current state of research. Regards Mike
  10. Well then I say something too. I see a very strange KRO4X and would never buy such a part. Quite apart from this there were only four awards of KRO4X between 1914 - 1918. Nothing is impossible, but if the sum of weights of the sights you should rely on his intelligence and sense. For me, a clear no go. Regards Mike
  11. There is probably nothing that is not there. Unfortunately I have no picture of a carrier of HOH4A but I firmly believe that these orders were often worn on a bow. Greetings Mike
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