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  1. Thanks, so he was like working for the military but not serving at the front?
  2. Hi all Any ideas why this bar shows a non combatent 1870 medal, the ribbon is for a combatent? Has it been replaced? Best Regards Henke
  3. Thank you so much Mr Ulsterman! Once more Im sorry for my bad start, great that you still could help me out. Best Regards Henke
  4. Sorry all Im feeling kinda stupid now :/ I dont know why I thought this guy was prussian. My collection has been resting for about 1 year now and I finally decided to pick it up again. And one of my ideas is to make a nice display of some things, one of the things beeing a bar from his person. Somewhere here I ended up thinking he was prussian, and I dont know why I did. I was just in a hurry when I wrote here and didnt think it over. Really sorry if I made you spend time because of my stupidity. Ulsterman youre information is the correct one. I thank you a lot for this. Once more Im really sorry for this and will not post more things before doing a better research myself, thank you all so much for your time. Best Regerds Henke
  5. Hi all.. Is there anyway you online can look for information about a man, Hauptmann Eduard Ludwig Kelters from Prussia and in active duty from about 1849 to about 1870? I would be very grateful for any information what so ever. Best Regards Henke
  6. Well no one would be happier then me if this little piece actually was this old . But I would guess that its a later struck. Anyone got any idea at all where I could go to get a 100% id on this medal? Best Regards Henke
  7. Anyone have any idea of what this is? I have no idea if its even from the period and the region. So sorry if its in the wrong section. Feel free to move it.
  8. Hi Ulsterman! How can you know for sure that its naval? Maybe just naval troops were involved in the Brazilian conflict? Thank you for your kind words! Best Regards Henke
  9. Where can I learn more about the person behind the bar? Are there any public archives or so where I can try and find out more info about him? Best Regards Henke
  10. To be honest I dont know much of this medal myself, not more then that its very very rare. This link says all the info I have: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/F%C3%B6r_tapperhet_i_f%C3%A4lt
  11. Somehow I dont think this seller really knew what he was offering http://www.tradera.com/LITEN_SILVERMEDALJ_...uktion-46494858
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