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  1. https://ak-group.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=20693
  2. J.C on the rim of medal. Josef Christlbauer from Wien
  3. From 1880 y. to 1885 y only 3 ( sic!) bulgarian officers receive Order For Bravery 4th class Prince Alexander First Leutenant Kisov and first Leutenant Gudjev ( I have only one bad picture ) In 1882 year Order For Bravery receive serbian mayor Karl Franasovich from 1880 to 1885 yy Order For Bravery receive 17 russian officers Kpt. Kashtalinsky Nikolay
  4. Silver gilded cross, french production and another from France
  5. Not received information from austrian archives ...
  6. https://www.ak-group.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=15288
  7. Great badge !!! I have only this Star of Honor of 3rd regiment And ... Not legioners , but nice badge ( from ground ) badge was without dead head
  8. Thank you ! Can you to post picture of reverse ?
  9. Items from 2nd picture belonged to one persone
  10. Do you have bulgarian Items from Battenberg period for exchenge ? My email geshemigor@gmail.com
  11. I don’t need these, and some another, Items in my collection I’m ready to exchenge This order for exchenge too
  12. Congratulations ! Now you must to make one picture with all your badges ! :)
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