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  1. pictures from eBay bulgarian officer Koychev , colonel of russian Imperial Army , with Bravery order 4 class with family
  2. Now I wait this book https://bgknigite.com/shop/орденът-за-храброст-сред-отличият/?v=a112b4dbca96
  3. Hi Graf, Igor Ozeretskii - mistake from Bretzendorfer & Kuhn book . only Ivan Osipov make St. Alexander order . https://ak-group.ru/forum/threads/zvjozdy-sv-aleksandra-izgotovlennye-i-o.19275/ ( you can use Google translator from russian ) Keibel made golden bravery orders 1st and 2nd class . Arndt was seller, not producer
  4. You are right - bulgarian order not from this medals bar ( like order on romanian bar ) Now this cross in my collection , very rare russian production of Ivan Osipov Left - Wondra production ( from Darmstadt ) with early upgrade of Rothe - swords and medallion on reverse
  5. I don’t know who it belonged to, but polish order Virtuti Militari awarding to romanian Major (av.) Ioan Peneș
  6. Wearing copy of Star of Hero Socialistic Work
  7. Great !!! very interesting and rare order !!! congratulation 🍷
  8. very nice Item from Paul Telge https://wannenesgroup.com/lots/468-2640-miniatura-in-smalto-con-cornice-in-argento-berlino-fine-del-xix-secolo-firmata-e-bastanier-orafo-p-telge/# but very expensive for me …
  9. Hi Peter, for 1906 y. correct crown, this type was in use before 1908 off top ( but very nice Item )
  10. Order 3rd class with box and document sold in France. 1906 y. Bad picture , but Nice crown
  11. Do you see some hallmark on the loop of order ? It’s can to be french production. Not romanian
  12. Sorry, I don’t have better pictures . I take picture from film from YouTube few years ago. I think this medalsbar from Museum
  13. Dear Tifes, Dear Enzo Thank You very much !!! 🍷 I have some copy 😃😱
  14. This cross sold few years ago in Ausrtia But wat about another cross - it’s copy or 1930’s production ?
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