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  1. 21 hours ago, Graf said:

    Hi Igor,


    Nice cross

    Those crosses in silver are rare I I have one more It is marked 925 like yours. This cross was discussed in another forum.

    I suspect that some of them are made by order by the awarded persons. The fact is that some of those Soldier Crosses were awarded to non Bulgarian officers mainly German ones.

    The prove is that I came across of few  German awarding Documents  to German officers

    Picture 726.jpg


    This cross with separate medallions , I have some without these parts 



    Your and my marked crosses one piece made 





  2. 9 minutes ago, Carol I said:

    Thanks Igor for the details. It seems indeed that there are (at least) two different models. Not clear whether Elisabeth's star had dimonds on the motto ribband, but Marie's had diamonds on the arms of the cross, which the Telge piece did not have. And if Marie had the piece in 1931, it was not part of the treasury lost in Soviet Russia. As an anecdote, it was said that Col Boyle recovered the queen's jewels, but not succeeded with the national treasure.

    I remeber seeing several years ago an exhibition with the orders of Marie and Ferdinand that had a jewelled Order of St Sava, but no Order of the Crown.

    Queen Marie of Romania and order of St Sava with diamonds 



    princess Maria, Queen of Yougoslavia and order of Karageorge Star with diamonds of Queen ( from Tito’s safe ) 





  3. On 05/12/2020 at 14:54, paul wood said:

    Telge did similar jewelled examples of Bulgarian orders.


    only austrian Rothe and germany Zimmermann makes Bulgarian orders with diamonds 

    7 hours ago, Carol I said:

    Indeed a very interesting and quite rare piece. Given the (mis)fortunes of the royal house after the communist takeover, it is not a full surprise that the piece was broken down. It is a pity nevertheless.

    The question on the owner(s) of the star remains. The owner was without doubt royal and because of that probably no proper records of the manufacture or award exist. Queen Elisabeth and Princess and later Queen Mary are the most likely recipients. Princess Elisabeth was under age at the death of Telge and probably did not have a pice of her own. But she could have inherited either that of her mother or great aunt. Is her photo dated?

    This photos of Associated Press from August 1931, wedding of princess Ileana 



    Queen Marie have another order, you can see different 




    And ... 

    Order of Queen Marie lost in Soviet Russia with another diamonds of Queen 😟

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