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  1. St. George Medal "For Bravery" 4th class

    -- to soldier (private ? ) Zaharia Aleku , Seret Rgt #11

    "for Bravery and Galantry 1-16.12.1916 "

    St. George Crosses 4th class :

    -- to Demetre Jean ( Ioan Dumitrescu from 1st Rosiori Regiment ? ) 1877 y.

    -- to Kerciu Gheorge unter-officer of 18 Rgt "Gorj" for Battle on Porkului near


    -- to Pecelea Spiru unter-officer of 7 Rgt "Prahova" for gallantry 25-31.07.1917

    -- to Mishka Saviu (in Russ. archive "podpraporzsik") of 32 Rgt for bravery

    near Doaga and Prisake 24.07 - 2.08.1917

    -- to Gheorgesku D. feuerverker of 19 Rgt of hard artillery ( 105-mm divizion)

    for Doage and Prisake too .

  2. Awards of Admiral

    GCB 14.06.1945 HM's birthday 45

    KCB 02.01.1939 New Year 39

    CB 04.06.1934 HM's birthday 34

    DSO 21.10.1914 highly successful attacks on German men-of-war

    DSO 02.11.1917 for long and arduous services in command of overseas submarines

    DSO 08.03.1920 distinguished service in command of the Baltic submarine flotilla

    MID 11.07.1940 HM's birthday 40

    Russian Order of St George, 4th Class (LG 15.11.1915);

    silver medal for saving life on occasion of loss of the Delhi off Cape Spartel, 1911;

    Grand Officer Legion of Honour

    and Croix de Guerre (with Palmes);

    4th Class Order of St Vladimir with swords;

    2nd Class St Anne with swords and diamonds;

    2nd Class St Rademeer of Greece;

    Grand Cross of Orange Nassau (12.05.1942);

    Chief Commander of Legion of Merit (28.05.1946) (USA);

    Grand Cross of the Order of St Olaf (Norway) (13.01.1948; services to Norway)

    DSO of Admiral - in the museum

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