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  1. Thank you !

    Tree ays ago I sent e-mail to the Documentation center Royal Army Museum Brussels .

    I need ROLL of awarding with numbers of awards and numes of soldiers .

    In 1915 y Russian Tzar sent to Belgian King , British King and President of French Republiq

    st. George Awards - crosses and medals - for Best's Soldiers .

  2. But the medal an cross of Saint georges is olso given by the Tsar Nicolas II to belgian soldiers at the belgian Front. In the Archiefs of the Belgian Army (at the Documentation Center of the Royal Army Museum in Brussels) are some letters that mention that the Divisions had to disigne X officiers, x NCO's and X soldiers to recieve a decoration of the Tsar of Russia.

    This soldier receive Russian Medal on the Belgian Front .

    Can you help me ?

    I need post address or e-mail of Documentation Center of the Royal Army Museum in Brussels !!!

    Thank you !

    Igor O.

  3. Great info Igor, thank you.

    You mention there were 925 St George medals given, do you know how many crosses were awarded?

    Are these awards referenced in the London Gazette? (I don't seem to find them)


    PS: Is there a list of the recipients of the 4th class of the St George order. I'm trying to find out more about Commander Paul Roze (Belgium) who was awarded with this order.

    99 Seamens receive St. George cross (not Order) 4th class for Jutland Battle .

    These awardings not gazetted .

    About P. Roze . You have pictures of awards ? :beer:

  4. http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=3261&pid=65838&st=40

    Medals group of Marechal des logis Bellet Henri Felix from 6 regiment de Hussards

    with cross 4th class #126802

    and St. George "For Bravery" medal 4th class of Soldier Barberet from 21 reg. d'Infanterie .

    British Soldiers





    British Seamens



    And new medals group in my collection -

    medals of 210246 F. Maby LDG. SIG.

    Russian cross receive in 1919-1920 ( Black Sea , HMS Tumult )

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