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  1. Thank you !

    Tree ays ago I sent e-mail to the Documentation center Royal Army Museum Brussels .

    I need ROLL of awarding with numbers of awards and numes of soldiers .

    In 1915 y Russian Tzar sent to Belgian King , British King and President of French Republiq

    st. George Awards - crosses and medals - for Best's Soldiers .

  2. But the medal an cross of Saint georges is olso given by the Tsar Nicolas II to belgian soldiers at the belgian Front. In the Archiefs of the Belgian Army (at the Documentation Center of the Royal Army Museum in Brussels) are some letters that mention that the Divisions had to disigne X officiers, x NCO's and X soldiers to recieve a decoration of the Tsar of Russia.

    This soldier receive Russian Medal on the Belgian Front .

    Can you help me ?

    I need post address or e-mail of Documentation Center of the Royal Army Museum in Brussels !!!

    Thank you !

    Igor O.

  3. Great info Igor, thank you.

    You mention there were 925 St George medals given, do you know how many crosses were awarded?

    Are these awards referenced in the London Gazette? (I don't seem to find them)


    PS: Is there a list of the recipients of the 4th class of the St George order. I'm trying to find out more about Commander Paul Roze (Belgium) who was awarded with this order.

    99 Seamens receive St. George cross (not Order) 4th class for Jutland Battle .

    These awardings not gazetted .

    About P. Roze . You have pictures of awards ? :beer:

  4. http://gmic.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=3261&pid=65838&st=40

    Medals group of Marechal des logis Bellet Henri Felix from 6 regiment de Hussards

    with cross 4th class #126802

    and St. George "For Bravery" medal 4th class of Soldier Barberet from 21 reg. d'Infanterie .

    British Soldiers





    British Seamens



    And new medals group in my collection -

    medals of 210246 F. Maby LDG. SIG.

    Russian cross receive in 1919-1920 ( Black Sea , HMS Tumult )

  5. Russian St. George cross 3rd class and BWM of

    M.2/051800 Serjeant-Major Timothy Crawley

    In 1915 y. Russian St George cross 3rd class

    receive 50 NSO's

    1226 Serjeant Harry Anderson , 4th Battalion, Rifle Brigade.

    37147 Acting Regimental Serjeant-Major Arthur Samuel Barker, A/86th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery.

    3902 Company Serjeant-Major Frederick Barter, V.C., 1st Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers.

    12413 Private Bernard Behan, 2nd Battalion, West Riding Regiment.

    5396 Serjeant James Bennett, 2nd Battalion, Leinster Regiment.

    8581 Acting Serjeant Spencer John Bent, V.C., 1st Battalion, East Lancashire Regiment.

    9300 Lance-Corporal Walter James Branker, 2nd Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment.

    51068 Private John Bushby, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.

    9204 Private Harry Royal Cannon, 2nd Battalion, The Cameronians( (Scottish Rifles).

    9157 Serjeant Charles Percival Parker Clay, 2nd Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment.

    *M.2/051800 Serjeant-Major Timothy Crawley, Army Service Corps (attached No. 5 Motor Ambulance Convoy, Royal Army Medical Corps).

    8383 Lance-Corporal James Donnelly, 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles.

    899 Corporal Thomas Duffy, 1st Battalion, Manchester Regiment.

    10523 Private Edward Dwyer, V.C., 1st Battalion, East Surrey Regiment.

    7145 Private Arthur Eagleton, 1st Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment.

    1426 Corporal of Horse William Eason, Royal Horse Guards.

    5637 Regimental Quartermaster-Serjeant (now Lieutenant) Thomas William Fitzpatrick, 2nd Battalion,

    Royal Irish Regiment.

    15624 Lance-Corporal Wilfred Dolby Fuller, V.C., 1st Battalion, Grenadier Guards.

    8010 Serjeant (Acting Company Serjeant-Major) John Gannon, 2nd Battalion, Royal Munster Fusiliers.

    8631 Serjeant Edward Gardner, 2nd Canadian Infantry Battalion

    9139 Lance-Corporal Frederick Edward Garton, 2nd Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment.

    8221 Lance-Corporal Hugh Graham, 1st Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers.

    10948 Serjeant Albert Frederick Hancock, llth Hussars.

    1451 Serjeant James Henderson, 1st Battalion, Royal Highlanders.

    5679 Corporal Heron Hudson, 1st Divisional Signal Company, Canadian Contingent.

    6874 Acting Corporal James Hunt, 2nd Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment.

    56651 Bombardier Frederick Jackson, 29th Battery, Royal Field Artillery.

    Subadar Jai Singh, 41st Dogras.

    6535 Drummer William Kenny, V.C., 2nd Gordon Highlanders.

    337 Havildar Lachman Singh, 47th Sikhs.

    9448 Bandsman George Eli Law, 1st Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment.

    6611 Company Serjeant-Major Clifford Malins, 1st Battalion, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).

    9917 Corporal William Mansell, 3rd Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment.

    4438 Company Serjeant-Major Albert Mayston, 2nd Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment.

    9725 Company Serjeant-Major Alexander McAdam, 1st Battalion, Seaforth Highlanders.

    9479 Private Robert McRae, 1st Battalion, Cameron Highlanders.

    3282 Private James Meston, 6th Dragoon Guards.

    Subadar Mir Dast, V.C., I.O.M., 55th Coke's Rifles (attached to 57th Wilde's Rifles).

    2077 Private Charles Morrison, 2nd Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers.

    10499 Lance-Serjeant William Neill, lst Battalion, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

    3556 Serjeant Michael O'Leary, V.C., 1st Battalion, Irish Guards.

    4498 Squadron Serjeant-Major William Reeves, 7th Hussars (Permanent Staff, North Somerset Yeomanry, T.F.).

    4526 Serjeant Ernest John Rendall, lst Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment.

    4967 Acting Lance-Serjeant Albert Seton, 9th Lancers.

    18467 Battery Serjeant-Major (now Second Lieutenant) Fredric James Smith, 27th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery.

    607 Serjeant Charles Utting, 2nd Field Company, Royal Engineers.

    32430 Farrier Quartermaster-Serjeant Horatio James S. Watts, llth Battery, Royal Field Artillery.

    9022 Bandsman Arthur Woodage, 2nd Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment.

    3999 . Squadron Serjeant-Major William Wright, 6th Dragoon Guards.

    5854 Lance-Corporal George Harry Wyatt, V.C., 3rd Battalion, Coldstream Guards

    8 VC from 50 !!!!!

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