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  1. 49 minutes ago, Graf said:

    Hi New World,


    I have only the picture of the miniatures. I wish I had the minis on the picture.

    However i managed to zoom the picture and the Date is 1913 which is the correct year for the Balkan Allies War ( or the Second Balkan War as it is known in Bulgaria)

    this if full size medal on miniatures bar 


    “... British Red Cross Society Medal for the Balkan Wars 1912-13, 1 clasp, Bulgaria, with top bar, ‘Balkan Allies War 1913’, silver-gilt and enamel, reverse inscribed, ‘Dr. Cecil MacFadden’ ...”



  2. On 15.11.2017 at 21:29, ilieff said:

    Hi all,

    I thought we need a separate thread for interesting photographs and portraits, rather than putting such images in between discussions of other threads. I hope you'd agree. 

    Here's the first one: 

    Prince Alexander I of Bulgaria (probably photographed after his abdication) wearing a modest set of three decorations on his chest:

    • bravery order (4th class) - interesting example - perhaps one of those mythical French-made ones (due to the swords)
    • Voluntary corps medal of 1881- interesting because the Prince wasn't really eligible to be decorated with it but apparently he was
    • medal for the war with Serbia (1886) - not sure whether this is indeed this particular medal (could be something foreign). This fact poses the question whether the Prince received a 'replacement' 2nd type medal (like the rest) or stuck with the 1st type. The answer to this question would perhaps solve the myth of the 'ribbon of different colour'  for the 1st type.


    • The star - Order of Leopold with swords (not that interesting but very untypical), though at first glance I took it for a Bravery order star :)









    Great photo !!!  


    Few photos with medals 




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