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  1. This is 3rd class cross

    In 1880 there were three degrees of the cross - two gold and one degree of the silver cross. 
    In 1885, the Prince added a fourth-degree cross and all veterans who received a cross in 1880 added a bow to the ribbon of the cross. 

    Russian medal in silver was presented to all veterans who fought on Shipka.


  2. 49 minutes ago, Graf said:

    Hi New World,


    I have only the picture of the miniatures. I wish I had the minis on the picture.

    However i managed to zoom the picture and the Date is 1913 which is the correct year for the Balkan Allies War ( or the Second Balkan War as it is known in Bulgaria)

    this if full size medal on miniatures bar 


    “... British Red Cross Society Medal for the Balkan Wars 1912-13, 1 clasp, Bulgaria, with top bar, ‘Balkan Allies War 1913’, silver-gilt and enamel, reverse inscribed, ‘Dr. Cecil MacFadden’ ...”



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