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  1. On 30.07.2016 at 20:41, paja said:

    I stumbled upon this remarkable photo on ebay.

    His right side:
    1) Montenegrin Order of Danilo
    2) French Legion of Honor 
    3) Italian Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus
    4) Romanian Star

    Around the neck: Russian Order of St. George 

    His left side:
    1) Austro-Hungarian Order of St. Stephen
    2) Order of Takovo
    3) Russian Order of St. Andrew?
    4) Ottoman Order of Osmanieh 
    5) Austro-Hungarian Order of Leopold
    6) ???

    7) Wars for Liberation and Independence Commemorative Medal
    8) Romanian Medal of Military Virtue
    9) Romanian Defenders of Independence Medal 1877-78

    Photo was made in Novi Sad, part of Austria-Hungary back then. Based on that I think he's most likely wearing sash of the Order of St. Stephen. My guess is that the photo was made in the early 1880s.


    Some photo ?


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