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  1. I haven't seen this type either?? But it is interesting for sure, the details are poor and the twist too? I still lean toward being good too. (for now) we'll have to see if these start popping up?? here's a SS Shooting Document I have with the Patch and Dagger hanger and Lanyard, I put the set together but it's still cool, as all are real.. greg
  2. AWW CRAP!!!! LOL, just my luck, lolololol o-well I needed one for my Todt Uniform any ways. LOL greg
  3. OK, I thought I had owned the badge I posted above but the dealer had sold it even tho I was waiting for it a Month! BUT I seen this on a auction site and had to bid to win, I know some of you guys were bidding on it too But this one is an Issued one, #45!! can you tell me who won this one please?? thanks greg koepp
  4. Thanks Don, I just picked this one up and will add it to my Uniform as it has a couple loops ready for it. Here's the photos of 1185. Also I will have to go back into the last few books I have looked through, thats where I seen the badge. But once I find it I will take a photo of it and post for ya. thanks greg
  5. Sorry for the late response but nice badges, also I just listed a NSFK Poster for sale on the site that will go great with your badges, I will work with you on the price too. greg
  6. Don, Very nice!! Hey Don can you show the back of the 3 year badge please, also who earned badge No# 1185 in a 3 year if you have the info? I have seen the 3 year worn on the Right Brest pocket where the German Cross is worn? Also have the photo in a book somewhere too. Thanks Don Greg koepp
  7. nothing wrong with that APB, sorry for the late response but just saw this posting. greg
  8. greg koepp

    New pick up's

    well I have been searching around in my books and found in one of Little Johns books, the same yoke and arrows made the same without the Eagle in the middle, BUT then I found a photo in the same book of a German and Spanish meeting in the Spanish Embassy and on the back wall is the same Eagle with ribbons and Crest on it's chest. Pretty neat seeing it in a photo, if you have the book you can see yourself, so the Eagle mounted in the middle of the Yoke is correct but why they did it I have no idea? Could be the Spanish Crest? I'm not into Spanish stuff much so others could say? thanks greg OH IF YOU WANT ME TO PHOTO IT I WILL.
  9. greg koepp

    New pick up's

    I didn't say anything about the wings?? I said the Arrow with eagle, is in books showing they made these in medal, and the cross with ribbon is the other item I talked about, nothing about the wings tho? thanks and please re-read greg
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