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  1. Folsdrum, Thank you so much for the additional information on the coastal sectors. I hadn't previously studied or known of the shelling and fighting which occurred in these areas. Thank you again for your input. As well, Graham and Bayern, thank you for the additions! Regards, Joel
  2. Gentlemen, Great additions! Thank you for sharing. Certainly the Marine trenches look al little more hospitable. Maybe a little fishing and clamming to pass the time?
  3. Gentlemen, Thank you so much for your comments! Regards, Joel
  4. Greg, thank you for posting other variants. If money and time were of no object, oh the possibilities... Regards, Joel
  5. Another recent arrival. This sector must have been active for there are a few EK awardees. Joel
  6. Gents, Once again, long overdue. Though not in a trench, this is a neat unit picture. I love the Shakos! Regards, Joel Possibly repairing the line? Another interesting unit picture. Regards, Joel
  7. johannis, What an interesting variant! It certainly is a rare one. Well done! Regards, Joel
  8. Eric, I have previously stated, this is my first screw back and certainly not the last.. Tis a slippery slope for sure with these. I certainly will keep a look out for the other variants. Thank you! Regards, Joel Chris, Thank you! From what I've seen, there has been no reference to DOV stamping in particular. I'm only dipping my toe in uncharted waters...Anyone know of any others with different stamps or markings? I'm intrigued. Joel
  9. Alex, Thank you for your kind words! Stay the course on your hunt and they do come out of the woodwork! Regards, Joel
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