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  1. This card show two matrosen ombord U-3018 a type XXI uboat. The boat entréer service January 1945 and was scuttled by her own crew May 2nd 1945. A matrosen from U-336, picture taken in Kiel 1942. U-336 was sunk in Denmark strait October 5th 1943 by tickets from a Lockheed Hudson, all ombord was killed. Another crew member from U-618. A type VIIC u boat in service April 1942. She was sunk by depht charges in Biscaya August 14th 1944, no survivors.
  2. And here is Oblt z See Gunther Freudenberg , he was ombord U 536 when she was sunk Nov 20th 1943. He survived and become POW
  3. Can anyone id the type of Gun mounted on the halftrack ? AA Gun or is it a Anti Tank 37 mm pak christer
  4. And last for now a happy survivor , MaschMtr Walter Hach , the pic show him as an POW in Canada 1945 He looks quite alright. U 190 sunk one of the last ships in WW 2 April 16th 1945 HMCS Esquimalt. The submarine surrended May 14 1945 and the crew become POW in Canada.
  5. Anyone else collecting U Boat photos , I especially collect photos of crew members . Here are a couple of Photos . The man on the right was Obermaschinist Friedrich Iffinger , and the other man is probably Willi Büttner , pic should be taken on U 561 early 1943 Willi Büttner was a man with luck , he left U 561 for Marineschule in Flensburg and was later on U 1229 which was sunk South East of Newfoundland Aug 20th 1944, he was the only surviving officer. U 561 the boat he left was sunk in the Straits of Messina July 12th 1943 with only 5 survivors, his friend Friedrich Iffinger was not one of them. The other Photo is of another unlucky member of U 561 , Bootsmaat Walter Gillo, he went down with the submarine after it had been hit by an torpedo from the British MTB-81 Another pic shows some of the crew on U 354 , probably after a patrol Maschinenmaat Albert Kern from Forcheim was one of the crew. U 354 was sunk by depth charges from the British HMS Mermaid and HMS Loch Dunvegan Aug 29th 1944 all hands was lost on the sub. I haven´t find anything saying that Albert Kern died then , so probably he left for another boat before the fatal day.
  6. Wow , Thanks for the pic Johan , interesting to get a picture to the name. " Villa Waldeck" is an interesting name for a house in Sweden Must see if I can find any more info about this man . Thanks again
  7. Is there anyone who have info about the Waldeck Merit order ? What I can find the Merit Order 4th class wo Swords was awarded 1896-1918 400-450 times. Not very common at all , and what I until now have discovered is that at least two Swedish got the Order One was Knut Badhe working for the Royal Court in Sweden , and he had a lot of different orders .... And this guy Forrester Carl Reinhold Hullström born 1862 , he got a RVO in 1901 ? ( Swedish Vasa Order) , Preuss Crown Order 1901-1903 sometime and in 1914 he had the WFO 4 ( Waldeck Meit Order 4th class. I wonder what connection with Waldeck he had , who got him the order ? He has now disappeared in the fog of history , but hes miniature orders is still here. Christer
  8. Here is a LW General with RK , no name on the back, but I guess it is Paul Conrath ? Or has anyone other suggestions … And the officer on the right looks almost like Adolf Galland Maybe a unknown twin brother? 😆
  9. I wonder about this Photo, on the back it’s written ” 21.III.41 Belica” And what I could find out there was not many LW units in Belica, Bulgaria in March 1941. And as he is holder of the RK could it be Max Ibel , JG 27 in the picture ?
  10. Found this phot of a Bulgarian ? Officer with quite nice collection of awards Christer
  11. Hi , I have the names and dates for all Finnish awarded 1919-1936 ( 1st type) that is 230 names , (Forgot to write that the numbers is for Commander 1st class.) Commander is more often awarded of course) During the same time 477 was awarded to foreigners , so twice as many outside Finland. Will look if I can find something online Here is something about the Order in English https://www.ritarikunnat.fi/images/flipbook/guide/mobile/index.html#p=39 All the best from Sweden Christer
  12. Thanks Andy , That was super interesting , a almost forgotten small unit from the Great War . What I could find out the Gruppe Lindau was a Bavarian unit. maybe I can find something in the Bavarian rank list. Thanks again , now the man in the Bodensee Flotille at least has a thread here to their memory Christer
  13. Just bought a Postcard sent August 1918 , and stamped Deutsche BodenSee Flotille Gruppe Lindau Does anyone know anything of this unit ? Had Germany marine Troops in BodenSee ? Or is it a Marine Air unit ... Christer
  14. A new non combat medal bar , 1870 /1871 Cross + missing the steel 1870 war medal Interesting combo Christer
  15. I have this bar , think its quite unusual with a bow mount for a gentleman ? Could it be for a woman Bavarian nurse for example ??
  16. I saw a Mannerheim Cross for sale from Auono Kuiri at Bukowskis. a 2nd class went for 25 000 Euro ? Do not remember when 2011 The 2nd class awarded to Oiva Rönkä was out for 40 000 Euro ( but i couldn´t be exported out of Finland) And Tiainen says that 220 Mannerheim Crosses 2nd class where made against 8 1st class I think a genuine Mannerheim Cross 1st class should reach about 100 000 Euro probably ? Would love to see pictures of the 1 st class mentioned in this thread Does anyone know how many are known in Finnish Museums ? Christer
  17. Hi again , I War museum the had this one, labelled as a 38 cm rocket launcher from WW 2 . But I haven’t heard of such a Gun ? Could this be a WW1 Minenwerfer ?
  18. What is this ? Could it be a 25 cm Minenwerfer ? It looks big ! Photo taken 1915 christer
  19. Great Collection , the Silver medal for foreigners is really scarce , I haven´t seen one for sale in ten years. In 2006-2008 there was 4 ! of them sold , I was offered one for 2000 $ But I took my money and went on a roadtrip to US instead christer
  20. Hi , Very interesting pic ! There is indeed a Finnsh Liberty Cross 4th class on the ribbon bar , and if I see right the photo is taken in 1921 I looked through the ranklist of Deutches Reichheer 1924 and there is not many Hauptmann or Majors with the combo HH + BH and wound Badge is silver I found maybe 4 or 5 candidates but none matched the rest of the awards. That is a Reichsheer uniform right ? Search goes on Christer
  21. Hi Dave , I keep looking but nothing so far , but if I find him I post the pic here Have a nice summer Christer
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