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  1. Hello, can somebody help me with these insignia ? thanks in advance
  2. Hello, I need your help to identify this tab. It should be SAS in Balkans are. But original or not ? thanks
  3. Thanks for typography answer. From an US forum I got this suggestion https://www.flyingtigerantiques.com/wwii-uk-made-royal-air-force-raf-formations-patch-in-bevo-weave.html I do not know if related or not.
  4. Hello, I guess these two insignia could be unit insignia of the RAF. Can somebody confirm ? Thanks.
  5. Hello to everybody. Herewith other Polish WW II group I bought recently, same provenance of the Montecassino group. I think all these insignia are original. My question is if all of them could be of same soldier. Thanks
  6. Hello, part or recent pick of Polish WW II insignia and medals. I think everything is correct and original. Any comments ? Thanks.
  7. These insignia are coming from Brindisi. Brindisi was the HQ of Allied during Italian campaign
  8. Dear All, Ibought a small butch of insignia WW II, I think. A mix of Polish, British and US items. I need help to identify some of them. Herewith a couple of US ABN/SF ones. Can somebody confirm if originals or not. Thanks.
  9. Thank you Paul. Thanks a lot for your help. Regards, Marco
  10. Thanks a lot Paul, herewith last ones. Any interesting medal or only common ones ?
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