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  1. Sorry Hugh, but I have only these 2 pictures. I think that don't have marks...
  2. Hello People, Is this a real Order of Aviz? Best regards, William Schmidt
  3. Hello People, One friend sent to me these pictures. He will sell this medal. I don't knowledge about poland medals... He sad this is one Hussar 1920's medal, war poland-soviet, Niemen battle. Questions: is it a good item? What is the correct name? How much is a good value for this item? Best regards, Schmidt
  4. Hello Guys, I'm looking for this Cross. I think that is good, but some peoples have doubt. What is your opinion? Kind regards, William Schmidt
  5. Hello People, Is this one real pré-1918 Brunswick, War Merit Cross First Class? Regards, William Schmidt
  6. Hello, This is one medal of the Veteran of the IX Corps of the IWW. The same type of medal of the Langemark Cross or Regimental Medals. Regards, Schmidt
  7. Hello, thanks for your replies. I think that understand. The catch is one good way to look if the award is pre-1920. And this reverse? The catch looks good for me. Is the pin original??? Or replace??? Regards, William
  8. Hello People, What do you think about this Kreuz? This is another type of awards that we see with some different type of hardware. Is possible to know if it pos or no 1939???? Regards, William
  9. Hello People, I'm choosing one of these 2 awards. Both are good??? One is massive and another is hollow, is this common??? Regards, William
  10. Hello People, I'm looking for this Cross of Mecklenburg. I saw some differents hardware in this type of awards. Are there some rules for this???? Is this Cross original??? Regards, William
  11. Hello People, I'm looking for this Baltenkreuz. The catch looks like diferent for me (as EK1 catch), if it compare with another Baltenkreuz. Is it good??? Regards, William Schmidt
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