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  1. yes, it's come from TAI WAN SUBMARIN UNIT~~
  2. hi bryan , it's very impressive collection ,especially your ek collection ~ thanks for your share .
  3. very impressive, i also focus my collection on ek series , hopefully i can get more nice piece as your collector's~thanks for share
  4. hi mate, i thought the detail of badge are important, the superficies of badge lack of persuasion which to judge a badge is orignal or fake.
  5. good afternoon naoki thanks for your reply, yes, that"godet" 1870 EKII IS one of my favorite ekii in my collection, it's very sharp and really good condition, but i don't know how to post pic here so if you don't mind please let me know you e-mail address,then i can send you e-mail with pic share all of my collection. at the moment, i have not more 1914 EKI, BUT i thought i will extend my 1914 eki in this year, meanwhile, i collection third reich luftwaffe badge as well, cause i am very infatuatedly with some history between RAF AND LUFT DURING WWII. i hope WE can exchange some experience in future. actually, in my country, you can find lots of people like collection military goods but most of people are not professional , so it's hard find nice ek here,contrarily lot of fake or reproduction flood the market. btw, naoki, what's the "interior coodinator of lestaurant" mean is ? thanks and kind rgards barry
  6. hi naoki it's really nice talking with you here, i come from city of shenzhen in china actually,i collection all ekii and eki (1939-1945)and every type eki of 1914.at the moment, i have one MM WS 1914 EKI withour care back but come with a very nice case, also i have one "godet" short 7 1870 EKII and some ekii of 1914. i try share some pic with you. by the way, i'm 30 years old. :cheers:
  7. very impresive collection, thanks for share. especially some of eki carve of back.
  8. IT'S really nice find for ekii collection, any people can provide other example of EKII MM L/56 pic?
  9. very beautiful piece indeed, it's hard to find currently . congratulation~~~
  10. extremely rare document, gratulation哪弄的?呵呵~
  11. fantastic collection from china, truely craze on it.
  12. HEHE ,i thought that he have to , cause face to camera much better than face bayonet. ~~~
  13. May be i know little bit history regarding to WHY one chinese old person in that pic, cause the germany troops has been occupied QING DAO(one of beauteful littoral city in china) in CHINA at 1871. actually from 1840,GB,france,germany,japan,Austria,italia,american and russia warring with QING EMPERY in china.CHINESE called"opium war" totally twice from 1840-1860. so it's not hard explain why you can saw a chinese in that pic.
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