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    WWII living history events, collecting U-Boat (U 47 related) and Kriegsmarine items.
  1. Hello, You're welcome. Finding the dagger was the easy part...obtaining the hanger straps was in equal proportion as difficult. I bought them at a gun-militaria show in Allentown, PA. Prien
  2. Hello, I just wanted to post that I found a place on the U.S. East Coast, where I could get the conservator's wax. The place is called "Conservators Products" and they're located in New Jersey. Prien
  3. Hello, I know I should have a photo of the blade. It is a WKC blade and has the two large fish at the bottom. Prien
  4. Hello, Thanks for the suggestion. I'm sure I could order it from Canada, or find a place here in the U.S. that distributes it. Prien
  5. Hello, No, no rust. Is there any type/kind of oil that's best? Thanks, Prien
  6. Hello, I have a WWII German naval officer's dagger, and I would like to know the best way to clean the blade (and scabbard too). It is in very good condition, but I just would like to clean the blade better and know what's best to use so that it doesn't stick (because it's starting to). Thanks, Prien
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