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  1. Hi I would like to see more and bigger pics! Just to see condition more! Looks like a nice one! Prices are down some for visors! $800.00 seems sorta cheap for officers! PVON
  2. Thanks Kris I have not followed the other thread! I do not collect these items but found it a worthy topic to read about! I know you are real deep into this and wanted to learn something! Has Dennis P had more discussions on it! I know many things have become more known than ever before! Thats why its a interesting hobby! Best to all! PVON
  3. Hi Yes SA daggers got expensive and seemed to be lots available! I don't want to say flooding the market with them! I started to think folks believed the browns ones would turn black with time! I myself started to back away from SA daggers once I saw the first 500 show up prior to the Max! Of course fantastic examples are far and few between! PVON
  4. Hi Kris Have any of these come out before? Any history on this piece as where it came from? Have any unknown allach peices been discovered before that were not known? And what time period was it if so! Sounds exciting if was unknown! Thanks for sharing pics and info! Congratulations to the owner! PVON
  5. Thanks much My side is Czech so makes since! PVON
  6. Here is a pic from relatives house! Any ideas? Thanks PVON
  7. Paul I believe there was a few but didn't check too deep! I know nice army rocks were selling! I sold 2 PVON
  8. Well after my return from the Max,I wish to say very nice daggers and higher end stuff seemed to go like crazy! I saw many collectors buy lots of daggers and SS swords! Seems like the higher end crowd was buying big! I laid back at this show but must admit money was flying! Anybody else care to add their thoughts? I f I was going to quess, I didn't think Sa daggers were as hot as before! I also hear some SS blades with the rare ! at the end were starting to show up from Czech land! Pretty good I might add! And I also thought some high end things were not quite what they appeared to be! Some folks looking for mint also seemed to favor the tuned up version of better than new! But what can you do! Anybody else have any observations? PVON
  9. Working on getting my pics sized! Just a looker! Always enjoyed the hammered scabbards! PVON
  10. One fun thing about collecting,is just taking a few items and making a display! Nothing beats seeing nice blackie items! Some collectors really know how to dress up a pic! How about you guys showing yours! Here is one of my pics! PVON
  11. I have always enjoyed American history. And Have had and have items from USS Thresher,Scorpion, USS Lexington,and others! I was wondering if others enjoy looking for or finding items,such as scrap books,pics, and personal items belonging to sailors and officers involved! I have collected german items such as edge weapons and stuff, but I really enjoy US history relating to these tragic events! I bet many collectors have medal groups to these folks! Hope others will post stuff or even talk about events on these ships and subs lost! Pearl Harbor alone must have many items in collections! A Medal of Honor muesum in Massilion Oh has medal of honor groups to KIA men and others on display from Pearl Harbor! The engraved Medal of honor and related items they show, send a chill down your spine! I will post a few items I have relating to some sunday! Wish I would have collected more instead of nazi stuff yrs ago! Please post your groups or info! Thanks PVON
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